Congratulations to Zack Morrison!

Just wanted to take a moment to congratulate Zack Morrison on his win in the Bodger Bowl.  Well done!

It was a fantastic, well fought game between himself and Jamal Martin.  Well done to both players, and all the players in the league.

The schedule has been updated for the next 6 months, so check it out for those of you hoping to compete next year.  The best way to get better is to play games!


June 22nd Steamroller Wrapup

Sunday’s Steamroller was a good one for the mid-summer break.  We had 11 players, 3 of whom showed up from out of town (2 from Billings and one from Missoula).  That was awesome!

Andrew Sample took first with his Circle, running Grayle in for the kill.  We only went three rounds, since the person playing down the third round lost.

Congratulations to Andrew Sample for his win, and I hope to see everyone there for the next Steamroller on July 20th.