Bodger Bowl – Semifinals!

Hey there Bowl fans… all one of you… ahem.  Let me start over.

Anyway – the semifinals are underway.  Because of Lock and Load, we have two games that are already completed, and Division 1 is set for the finals.  Congratulations to both players!  Division 2 will have one game played tonight, and the other will be played on Monday (because of one of the players being out of town).  Next week is the finals for the Divisions, and then the Bodger Bowl.  I know I am excited!  Current standings are below the fold.

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Painting To The People – Vessel of Judgement

Welcome to the first installment of Painting to the People.  This week, I will be showing the work that I have been doing on my Vessel of Judgement.

I am pretty happy with how this piece is turning out.  The biggest problem I have run into?  I didn’t have any bright silver.  I have ordered some, and it should be showing up at my FLGS on Thursday, so I can finish the highlights of silver.

So while this week was hell on my schedule (for a variety of reasons – some health related, some career related), I actually got a lot done.  I finished up the wheels of the Vessel, the Zealot pulling it, his chains and the Attendant Priest on the vessel itself.  The vessel itself still needs a lot of work – the initial pass of gold was all I finished up – but I am hoping to have it ready for the final touch of bright silver dry brush by Thursday.  That is pretty ambitious – we will see if I can make it or not.

Vessel of Judgement Zealot back

I am really happy with how this Zealot turned out – this was my first attempt at doing any sort of scarring, and I felt it came out really well.  I am still so new to painting that any victory feels like a win for me.

That is it for this week.  I will hopefully have a finished Vessel for next week, and will have started on my next set of models.  Until then, keep those brushes moving!