Is there a 4th list archetype?

Featured in the last No Quarter was a write up about the 3 main archetypes of list building or play-style: Attrition, Assassination, and everyone’s favorite, Control. After going over the tenants of these types PP asked the reader if they thought there was a fourth type. Well that got me to thinking, is there a fourth way that I’ve seen people approach the game or even how I may have built lists in the past and I think tonight really solidified that the answer is yes. I’ll explain and let you be the judge. Continue reading


Solos: Are they worth it?

I’ve been spending the last couple of weeks delving into Mercenaries in Mark III and one benefit of that is their access to a huge bevy of wonderful solos. With the removal of pacts/contracts it has really opened up the options. Two that have really stood out to me is being able to play Kell Bailoch and Orin Midwinter after mostly sticking to highborn covenant in Mark II. I’ve found list building to be extremely exciting because combinations of solos are so varied and can lead to so many neat synergies.

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Playing With Time

With convention season kicking up, and people looking to play competitively, there is often one sticking point: the clock.  Many players see the clock as a necessary evil.  Something that has to be there to keep the game flowing, to keep someone from slowing down tournaments unnecessarily.

I would argue that the clock is an important part of gameplay, especially at a competitive level.  And that playing well, truly understanding the game, requires that one play on a clock.

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June 22nd Steamroller Wrapup

Sunday’s Steamroller was a good one for the mid-summer break.  We had 11 players, 3 of whom showed up from out of town (2 from Billings and one from Missoula).  That was awesome!

Andrew Sample took first with his Circle, running Grayle in for the kill.  We only went three rounds, since the person playing down the third round lost.

Congratulations to Andrew Sample for his win, and I hope to see everyone there for the next Steamroller on July 20th.

5/18/2014 Commander’s Crucible Results

Before I celebrate the winner’s of yesterdays Commander’s Crucible, I want to apologize for the scheduling confusion.  Andrew and I did not communicate well about start times, and setting up with the shop, and as a result I created a great deal of confusion about this this event began.  In the future, every event on our events page will explicitly list the signup time, and the official start time, to alleviate the confusion.

So, we had a pretty low turnout yesterday and thus only ran two rounds of Commander’s Crucible.

  • Winner: Andrew P.
  • Random Drawing Winner: Jason W.
  • Random Drawing Winner: Jamal M.

Hopefully we will give format another go in the future when we can get more people involved.  Everyone there seemed to enjoy it.

See you all next time!