Warbeasts/jacks in Mark III

Mark III has been a whirlwind so far and I don’t know what other player’s experiences have been but I have seen a slew of lists featuring very heavy battle groups. I think everyone expected more jacks with the new power up rule but I’ve also come up against and played quite a few beast heavy lists. I don’t know how much of this is people still holding on to old mentalities, especially with Skorne or Legion, or if the new edition boosts them as well as it does jacks. It seems like Skorne and Legion took a huge hit to their ability to run lots of beasts with the changes to the condition rule and Trolls didn’t really gain anything new to help. There was a decrease in fury and threshold stats almost across the board. I would love to hear player’s theories on this phenomenon or if maybe what I’ve been seeing is an outlier to the true new meta. For now I’m going to focus on some of the jacks/beasts that have stood out to me for better or worse.

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Casters in Mark III

Post I made about General Mark III changes

So we’re a ways into Mark III and I wanted to jot down some of my thoughts about casters that I’ve played and have played against so far. I feel some of the changes have really shaken up the meta and brought some new casters to the fore while also making some old mainstays very interesting.

I’ll start with Trollbloods as they are my mainstay faction and I’ve played nearly all of them in the new addition. I’m not going to go over them all. Just the ones I’m really excited about or feel have changed the most.

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Personal Kudos

We are lucky to have a great meta with a lot of terrific players, but I want to personally point out Seth.  I have played Seth many times, often in key games (he was my opponent in the Bodger Bowl finale last time).  Last night I played him again, in the divisional game for our division, with the winner moving on to the conference championship.  Seth and I effectively had a rematch from week four of the regular season this year; I was again running Epic Severius, and he again brought epic Doomshaper.

And although I prevailed this game, it really reminded me how tenacious and talented a player Seth is.  He always makes the games grueling and hard.  At the end of our week 4 game, I had 2 minutes on my death clock and he assassinated me as time expired on his.  Last night Severius got revenge, but I know any game with Seth will test all my abilities, and I really wanted to point that out to everyone.  Great game Seth, and thanks for all the challenges you have thrown my way.

Choose Three…

Let’s say there is a tournament forthcoming and you know that every faction will be equally represented.  Except, you have the supernatural ability to banish three factions from the event entirely, which three would you pick?  Keep in mind, I am not talking about certain lists or certain players, I am just curious if (given the choice) which three factions would you choose to not have to face again soon?  For myself, the list looks like this:

  • Trollbloods
  • Cygnar
  • Legion of Everblight

…in no particular order really.  That isn’t because I think they are ‘broken’ or anything, but just because, at least, for me – these are the factions that give me fits.  One of the best players in my local shop plays Trolls, and he makes every game with him a slug-out attrition fest, and I think those games can be exhausting.  Cygnar’s ranged game can be irritating to deal with, and running into a Destruction scenario against Epic Haley with two Storm Striders and a Stormwall put me over the top.  That list makes me want to vomit, to be honest.  There is also the general rules flaunting that Legion is known for, which can also get a little old.  Perhaps I have seen a bit too much Ravagore spam lately.

Anyhow, that is how I am feeling about a certain trio of factions lately.  I am sure it won’t last, but it got me wondering.  What three factions do you most hate to play right now?