MMBR: A Repulsive Report

Cryx vs Cygnar

Points: 50

Scenario: Encroachment (3 evenly spaced flags on the center line, one goes away at the end of turn one)

My thoughts: Running a Terminus list I’m a bit worried if the middle flag is taken away, otherwise I’m good!

Cryx List played by meatkat (70 models!):

  • Lich Lord Terminus
  • * 2x Helldiver
  • 10 Bane Knights
  • 10 Bane Thralls
  • 10 Bane Thralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 6 Mechanithralls
  • Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
  • Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
  • Withershadow Combine
My thoughts: w00t 70 models. After my last disaster with Terminus I decided to go with a couple Helldiver body guards for Terminus to keep away the heavies. I don’t think that’s going to be so much a problem this game, but these two should be able to stay out of lightning safe underground and pop up to hold an objective for me.

Cygnar List played by Squelch:

  • Major Victoria Haley
  • *Stormstrider
  • *Stormstrider
  • *Thunderhead
  • *Thorn
  • Stormtower
  • Field Mechaniks
  • Gun mages
  • Black 13th

My thoughts: Once again lots of shooty but I haven’t really had too much of a problem with Stormstriders in the past. Game time!

Pics of the battle

Click for high(er) res non-GIF pics

I deploy with the Bane Knights (who are now assembled!) positioned on my right flank (picture left) to go through the rough terrain and everything else grouped around Terminus. Pretty standard. Across the table I see the two Stormstriders taking up the center with Thunderhead on his right flank and Thorn on the left.

From turn one I start taking heavy losses, I lose a helldiver and the middle flag is phased out leaving me stuck with too many units outside the tough bubble! Turns out the Stormstriders can do a little more damage than I imagined. In fact a lot more especially when they start the game with tokens. As you can see from above I’m suffering heavy losses the entire game from those two. Things on my left flank (picture right) don’t go much better. You can watch Thunderhead and the Black 13th march up the board sucking up my units like a vacuum. On my left flank the Knights were chewed up by the gun mages and Thorn.

My opponent played Haley to her full potential, waiting until I was just about to get off my massive infantry charge before feating essentially rendering my third turn useless.

The last picture up there you can count out my units, there are only 20 of the 70 left! That’s an average of 17 models removed a turn. When you factor in my stitch thralls and tough that’s closer to about 25+ models killed a turn! Needless to say I was on the ropes. As I finished up my (crippled) third turn I could see he would be scoring two points no matter what I could do next turn and my only hope was to somehow get Terminus over the Stormstriders and pull an assassination on Haley.

Heading into my fourth turn I was down 2 control points to 0, death or glory, charge in Terminus! Flight took my opponent by surprise as Terminus lofts himself over a Stormstrider and berserks into the unit of Mechaniks, collecting a few souls. Unfortunately I’m about .25″ inches out of engaging Haley, who is sitting on no focus. Luckily I’m positioned right next to a Stormstrider with Repulsor Field. Oh happy day! A whack on the Stormstrider pushes me into melee range with Haley and thanks to Malediction I was able to one hit Haley with the exact damage roll I needed (11 on 3 dice).

My thoughts: Talk about snatching defeat from the jaws of victory! I got pretty lucky on that one. Flight saves the day, I think people understand the part about flying over other models, but they don’t remember the ability to ignore other models when declaring charge targets. Squelch played a damn good game.

Lessons learned:

  1. Flight pwns!
  2. There is such a thing as a shooty list that can tear through Terminus’ hoard.
  3. eHaley’s feat is terrific!

MMBR: In which history repeats itself

Cryx vs Legion

Points: 50

Scenario: Font of Power (4 impassible 5″ templates around one objective that you have a caster base to base with and no 4″ contesting to get a point, first to 3 points win)

My thoughts: Not my favorite scenario type with this list (I prefer when I can completely swarm my objective to hold it, then contest the enemy objective with a few McThralls to get victory points) but shouldn’t be anything I can’t handle.

Cryx List played by meatkat:

  • Lich Lord Terminus
  • * Desecrator
  • * Skarlock Thrall
  • 10 Bane Knights
  • 10 Bane Thralls
  • 10 Bane Thralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • 6 Mechanithralls
  • 10 Mechanithralls
  • Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
  • Necrosurgeon & Stitch Thralls
My thoughts: I’ve had pretty good success with this list, really only changing the warjack around and dropping or adding a unit of Bane Thralls to fit in a unit of Bile Thralls now and then. I’m not sure the Skarlock is worth keeping in the list, I only use him to cast Beserk for Terminis to save him the focus. The Desecrator works well because it generates it’s own focus (from being near a Bane unit) and can drop a template for movement denial to infantry. As you can see though, lots of infantry (all with Tough thanks to Terminus)!

Legion List played by dbsmash:

  • Absylonia
  • Raek
  • Shredder
  • Carnivean
  • Scythean
  • Ravagore
  • Shredder
  • 5 Warmongers
  • 2 Sheperds
My thoughts: This was my first game playing Legion, so I don’t know much about any of these beasts and unfortunately my opponent forgot to bring his cards so I knew them (in my mind) as the dragon (Angelius), the close combat one (Scythean), the sprayer (Carnivean), the template (Ravagore) and the war dog looking one (Raek). It would have behooved me to read a bit more about each of them before hand – if only War Room had been released! As you can see they are a bit outnumbered, though each model in there can pack quite a punch (as I would soon find out) and with Absylonia’s feat, keep on kicking.
Pics of the turns

Click for high(er) res non-GIF pics

I’ll skip the epic play-by-play about every detail of what happened each turn, I think you can see pretty well from the above montage. The sad unassembled models are the Bane Knights, the other unpainted ones are the two units of Bane Thralls. The pics start at the top of Turn 2 (Cryx went first) and is missing the result of the last turn, which I will describe in more detail.

First though, as aside talking about other games I’ve had with Terminus. Usually they end up with my opponent exhibiting the three stages of Terminus loss:

  1. OMG that is a lot of infantry! My army has lots of shooting / beserkers / aoe, time to get killing!
  2. Sweet, look at me kill all those infantry!
  3. Oh noes! There is so much infantry!
  4. (Looses to scenario or giant flying 32 ARM Terminus)
Step 4 is more of an outcome than an actual step. The only time Terminus hasn’t done step 4 for me is when my opponent shoots an AOE right in front of Terminus, wipes out my infantry there (usually after I fail 4-5 tough rolls in a row) and manages to get a heavy in there and pulls of an assassination.
Alright, back to the game:

I have Terminus pushed forward perhaps a couple inches too far forward, but completely surrounded by Mechanithralls. Legion finishes off the poor desecrator, which so far hasn’t managed to hit a thing despite boosting. The spray beast (Carnivean) sprays and wounds 6 of my Bane Knights, I roll 5 tough rolls! Next the AOE guy (Ravagore)nukes in front of Terminus, wounding 5 McThralls. I fail 5 tough rolls leaving a nice hole for the dragon beast with a surprise armor piercing attack (Angelius) doing a mighty 15 damage (boosted at dice+4)! The rest, they say, is history.

My thoughts: Doh! This seems a familiar loss. History repeats itself! I had chalked the last one up to failed Tough rolls, but this time I’m going to have to figure out how to stop this sort of thing from happening again.

Lessons learned: Don’t stick 5-6 McThralls in front of Terminus and expect that to be enough to hold the ground. The #1 rule of a terminus list is: take lost of undead infantry, the second must be: don’t ever expose Terminus with less than 30 ARM. I’m thinking a min unit of bane knights/thralls or perhaps a pair of hell divers. They are all about the same cost but the hell divers can be offset with Terminus’ jack points, sport 2 more defense and a bunch more wounds and can’t be trampled. They are a bit slow though, and won’t allow Terminus to get up the field very quickly. Though maybe that isn’t such a bad thing since that’s about the only time he seems to get himself in trouble. Thoughts?

Mmmmmm beer.

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