Upcoming events

A reminder of the upcoming events:

  • Saturday, February 28th: Painting Demo
  • Sunday, March 1st: Banned Tournament
    • When: Signups at Noon, games start at 1 PM
    • Points: 50
    • Lists: 3
    • Cost: $5
    • Where: Rook’s Comics and Games
    • Every round, an opponent can “ban” one of your lists to keep it from being fielded.
  • Monday, March 2nd: Riven Bonds League begins
    • When: Signups start now, league lasts until March 29
    • Cost: $10
    • Rules are here

June 22nd Steamroller Wrapup

Sunday’s Steamroller was a good one for the mid-summer break.  We had 11 players, 3 of whom showed up from out of town (2 from Billings and one from Missoula).  That was awesome!

Andrew Sample took first with his Circle, running Grayle in for the kill.  We only went three rounds, since the person playing down the third round lost.

Congratulations to Andrew Sample for his win, and I hope to see everyone there for the next Steamroller on July 20th.

5/18/2014 Commander’s Crucible Results

Before I celebrate the winner’s of yesterdays Commander’s Crucible, I want to apologize for the scheduling confusion.  Andrew and I did not communicate well about start times, and setting up with the shop, and as a result I created a great deal of confusion about this this event began.  In the future, every event on our events page will explicitly list the signup time, and the official start time, to alleviate the confusion.

So, we had a pretty low turnout yesterday and thus only ran two rounds of Commander’s Crucible.

  • Winner: Andrew P.
  • Random Drawing Winner: Jason W.
  • Random Drawing Winner: Jamal M.

Hopefully we will give format another go in the future when we can get more people involved.  Everyone there seemed to enjoy it.

See you all next time!

Christmas Chaos Event!

Sunday, December 15th – Warmachine Christmas Chaos 

EDIT: This has been changed to 35 points since Rooks is closing at 6 PM on sunday)

  • Custom Tournament!
  • 12 PM signup; tournament starts at 1 PM
  • Standard Steamroller Format 1 or 2 35pt lists
  • Every scenario will have ‘presents’ on the table during the game
  • Presents will be objective markers (decorated as presents), that players can open by getting B2B and using an action
  • Presents provide bonuses to use in your game, but watch out for coal!
  • Santa will visit each game too!  :)

The last unique event we did, Halloween Haunting, was a ton of fun.  This should be the same.  I look forward to seeing you all there!

Halloween Haunting

hey all.  So this coming Sunday, October 27th, we are holding an exciting event at Rooks: Halloween Haunting.  This is a custom event that I came up with, and I really think you will enjoy it.

  • Sign up at noon, event starts at 1 PM.
  • 3 round, 50 pt, single list format.
  • Must have at least one heavy (not huge) warjack/warbeast in list to be tagged as your ‘werebeast’
  • Must have one unit in list, to be tagged as your ‘werehunters’
  • Each round, werebeasts gain new effects to reflect their supernatural nature

Were Hunters:
Hunters gain +2 to all attack and damage rolls against a Werejack/Werebeast.  Additionally they gain +2 SPD when beginning their activations within
10 inches of a Werejack/Werebeast.  Hunters automatically pass all command checks and cannot be knocked down  or made stationary while an enemy Werejack/Werebeast is on the table.


Each round, your werejack or werebeast will gain new effects.  Some of them will be immensely powerful, but sometimes they will present challenges to you.  These effects will be revealed each round before you deploy.  Furthermore, werejacks and werebeasts  can never be disrupted, or suffer effects that make it so they cannot be allocated, spend focus, or be forced.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I can’t wait to see you all at rooks!

Final League: Home Stretch

Well, here we are: after three full leagues and most of a last one, Machinations is almost over.  Here is our standings going into the last 5 days of official league this year:

Seth Cygnar 76
Carson Legion of Everblight 72
Chuck Circle Orboros 35
Jason Cygnar 31
Kyle Khador 28
Greg Minions 21
Andrew Skorne 20
Jamal Khador 16
Joey Retribution 11

It’s gonna be a shootout; I can’t wait to see how it ends!