Bodger Bowl Schedule Live

The Bodger Bowl schedule is live for Bodger Bowl III.  First games are tomorrow night, Wednesday the 30th of October.  If you are not playing in the bowl, come on down for games anyway – there will be people looking for additional games, or games because they had to reschedule.  Hope to see you all there!


Convergence Event Wrap Up, Plus Schedule

The Convergence Release event today was awesome.  Everyone seemed to have a good time, and they played their hearts out.  It was great to see everyone getting into the game.  Congratulations to the winners, and I hope we will continue to see this level of engagement in the community!

Upcoming events on the events page include a Steam Roller on October 6th, and opening of signup for Bodger Bowl III.  Hope to see everyone in the upcoming events.  Even if not, hope to see you there playing games!

Convergence of Cyriss Release Event, and Information on Bodger Bowl III

The Convergence of Cyriss Release event is scheduled for next Sunday, September 22nd at Rook’s Comics and Games.  You can see more information on the events page.

I am still working on finalizing the rules for the next Bodger Bowl – I apologize for the delay.  The rules will be very similar to last year’s rules.  Signups will start next week, and I will have official dates then.  I was going to finish it up this weekend, but some things took much longer than I anticipated.

I will also be finalizing the dates for an upcoming Steamroller tournament in October.  Hope to see you all in the shop Wednesday for continued tournament play!

Lock & Load Masters

This year I decided to play in the Masters event at Lock & Load.  It is something I have been meaning to do on a national level for over a year now, and I figured this would be a perfect time to try my hand at it.

As I mentioned Monday, I went 2-2, which was pretty cool.  There were two things that kind of bugged me, that I wanted to call out first (to get them out of the way), and then I will go on with the lists I had, the battle reports of my opponents (such as they are), etc.

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