Burninating The Countryside : Feora, Priestess of the Flame

Feora, Priestess of the Flame (aka pFeora and Feora1, hereafter referred to as Feora1) is an interesting warcaster for Protectorate of Menoth.  Traditionally shunned as a second rate ‘caster, she is starting to see some additional play more recently.  I have fallen in love with her play style, and thought I would discuss some of it here.

Basic Information

You can find all of Feora1’s basic information (spells, feat description, basic stat descriptions) at her battle college page.  That said, I want to step through them, as they will be referenced later on in the article.


Feora1 has pretty good stats for a Protectorate ‘caster.  She has some of the best combined defensive stats for any of our ‘casters (Mage Hunter Strike Force need 9’s to hit her when not aiming, and are at dice – 7 for damage).  Her MAT is somewhat mediocre, but that is offset by her spells (specifically, Engine of Destruction, as discussed later), and her RAT is the same as a Cleanser’s.  She does get 2 initial attacks, either ranged SP8 attacks, or two non-reach attacks.  Her focus is average, one higher than the High Reclaimer’s and one lower than any of the versions of Kreoss’.  This can limit the effectiveness of her feat and some of her spells at times.

Special Abilities

She is immune to fire, which is good – she is the priestess of fire, after all.  She also makes it so Flameguard always rally in her control area and never flee.  This second one is really important, and can make or break some situations.  Anyone who has run Daughters of the Flame and watched them break time and again DESPITE being CMD 8 will appreciate this.


Feora1’s feat is very simple – it is a pulse effect that sets all enemy models in her control area on fire.  This can be extremely powerful against the right army.  If you have a lot of single wound infantry against you, or a lot of low-armor solos, or a low-armor Warlock or Warcaster, this can be a game changer.  On average, you will kill off about 2/3rds of their army (in practice, probably closer to 1/2 or so due to bad damage rolls, lucky continuous effect rolls, and the like).  This means that all those high-def infantry that your opponent is running will all of a sudden be making command tests to start your opponent’s turn.

That said, it can be an erratic feat.  Your opponent could get lucky rolls on their tests to check if the fire goes out, or they could have all armor or beasts, or all multi-wound heavy armor models.  With her smallish control area, you will have to play somewhat aggressively with her to get the most bang for your buck.  This is another place where her heavy defensive stats really start to shine.


Her spell list is surprisingly varied and large given her small focus.  She has spells that are offensive in nature (Blazing Effigy and Immolation), that buff either herself (Engine of Destruction) or someone else (Ignite), and denial spells, either through board control (Wall of Fire) or spell denial (Hex Hammer).

Blazing Effigy

This is a signature spell of hers, and I believe it is unique to her spell list (if anyone knows otherwise, please let me know!)  It allows her to damage all enemy models within reach range of a friendly faction Warjack – not necessarily in her battlegroup!  The damage is considerate as well, being the same as the damage from the Harbinger of Menoth’s feat turn.  This can be great for clearing out high-def troopers, as there is no to-hit roll.  It is an expensive spell, so using a Heirophant is a good idea.

Engine of Destruction

This is the same spell that High Executioner Servath Reznik has.  It greatly boosts the ‘caster’s STR and MAT, and adds a moderate buff to their SPD.  This means that she goes from being OKish in melee to being a complete beatstick.  And it isn’t very expensive – a wrack and heirophant make her effectively cast it for free.  It is not an upkeep, but that is OK – it means you can have Ignite or Hex Hammer up on her at the same time.  The former helps to get the assassination done, while the latter helps to stop counter attacks from spells.

Hex Hammer

Hex Hammer is possibly one of the best denial spells in the game.  It does d3 damage to anyone who casts a spell or uses an animus while in her control area.  This means that anyone using a Magic[*] ability (i.e. Lady Aiyana or Greylords), using their animus, or a Warcaster or Warlock just take the damage if they cast a spell.  Single wound models that cast spells as their main schtick – such as Druids of Orboros – pretty much become worthless while within her control area.  And it can plink away at Warbeasts, Warcasters and Warlocks too.  Nothing quite like watching your opponent use an animus, and then taking out an aspect because they used the animus.  Even if it doesn’t do significant harm, this game can be about small amounts of damage adding up.  Adding in a d3 damage here and there can turn the tide, and make your opponent decide if they REALLY need that animus or not.  Legion Lessers can really be hurt by this as well, given their small life pool.


Ignite is a pretty standard spell, giving a moderate bonus to melee damage rolls, and giving the melee weapons critical fire.  This is best used on a unit, or in a pinch on a heavy ‘Jack or Feora herself if she is going for the assassination.  On Knights Exemplar, it brings their STR up to rediculous levels as they die, and even before that it brings their STR up to Khador weapon master levels.  On Exemplar Vengers, it makes their impact attacks dangerous, and gives them extra kick if they get stuck-in in melee.  All in all, a phenomenal spell that really increases damage output substantially.


This is a standard attack spell that adds ongoing fire on Critical hit.  I have never used this spell when running her, because she has so many better options usually.  If there is an incoporeal model you need taken out, you can use this in a pinch.  Otherwise, I would recommend going for almost anything else.

Wall of Fire

This is a situational spell that doesn’t come up often, but when it does it can win games.  Putting a wall template down that does fire damage to people entering it or ending their activation, and then provides concealment, can close up choke points, stop charges, and really force your opponent to think closely about what they are doing around it.  Many times, it doesn’t come in to play, but when it does it can completely shut down your opponent.

Playing the Priestess

Feora’s prime incarnation has a very forward, aggressive play style.  She can get the job done on her own and often likes to get in the opponent’s face.  Using Engine of Destruction, she has a good chance of killing almost any Warcaster or Warlock if she can get close.

She also has some elements of denial.  With Hex Hammer as spell denial, she can make her opponent question casting spells or animi.  When a Warcaster or Warlock wants to use a spell or an animus, it is very likely that they will get burned by this, or have to be careful when they cast spells.

Priestess Support

Feora likes to finish the job herself.  While she can support her army a little bit, she really wants to finish the job up close and personal with Engine of Destruction.

With this in mind, it is often a good idea to bring Saxon Orrik with her, as not having pathfinder can be a difficult thing to work around.  She also likes jamming units, such as the Temple Flameguard, to help tie up the enemy while she positions for the kill.

She doesn’t need much troop clearing, as her feat and flame throwers will clear out most of the troops of the enemy.  She also doesn’t want a lot of ‘jacks, since she just doesn’t have the support for them.  Running Errants with ignite makes them a credible threat in melee, while allowing them to be a soft screening force. With the UA, they are an effective deterrent for enemy spells, and pathfinder makes them very mobile.

In general, I tend to view her troops as auxillary, and as being there to help deliver her.  She is an assassination Warcaster who happens to have some attrition abilities (and an attrition feat).

Other thoughts?  Comments?  Other ways you use her?  Do people use specific strategies against her?  Let me know in the comments.