New Errata: The Most Important Takeaway

There is a new errata out, and it brings a significant change.

While the errata has several modifications, as usual, one stands out among the rest:

P. 72. Spells and Effects
Add the following to the Spells and Effects text:
When a model’s special rule or spell allows its controller to
choose or target a friendly unit, all models in that unit must be
in formation.

While this might seem insignificant at first, this could lead to some very interesting game changes.  Essentially, a player cannot cast a spell or use an ability on a unit if any member of said unit isn’t currently information (assuming the spell/ability requires targeting or choosing).  Given that you cannot check formation until the unit’s activation, this could be huge.  Imagine a Khador player who wants to cast Battle Lust on a unit or Pikemen before having them charge a Colossal.  Now, that player must be sure that every member of the Pikemen is in formation before casting that spell, or the spell cannot target them.

Enemies however, can target/choose units without regards to their current formation.

There are all kinds of subtle ways a savvy player can affect an opponent’s formation:  telekenesis, drag, slam, etc.  What were previously position control elements could now open to the door to a new kind of denial. I think it is an interesting change, and I look forward to seeing how I can put it to use.  I just want to make sure everyone was aware of this change, and didn’t get surprised in a tournament.

Got any questions about this, or other changes in the errata?  Let me know in the comments!


New Errata: July 15th 2013

So, Privateer Press has released a new errata document today.  Amidst the usual wordsmithing and slight changes (getting the world ‘huge’ added to lots of rules, for example) there were two very significant changes:

  1. Gaspy2 has had his feat nerfed yet again.  Now he can only return grunts with the feat, so no more Tartarus, Blood Hag, Bane Thrall Officer, etc.
  2. Taryn di la Rovissi’s Shadow fire ability no longer applies to just friendly faction models.  Now Cygnar and protectorate players can remove screening models with her.

I think these are both solid changes.  Gaspy2 was still continuing to win far more than his fair share of tournaments, and Taryn almost never saw play outside of Mercenaries.  I really think both of these changes are good for the game (and I am even a Cryx player).

What do you think?

Updated Errata

hey all,

The official Privateer Press Errata has been updated once more, and can be found here.  Some highlights:

  • Shield guard has been modified to clear up the targeting issues.  Now, if a shield guard model wishes to use its ability, it becomes automatically hit, instead of the target.  This clears up that problem with ranged enemies turning so they couldn’t see (and thus ‘target’) the shield guard model.  A very good change.
  • Burst Fire has been changed to include huge bases.  Whereas Leviathan, Venators, Raiders, etc previously received no Burst Fire bonus against a huge base, they now get the same +2 bonus they get against large bases.  This is a very good change, if you ask me.
  • Saeryn’s ‘no melee attack’ feat has been updated to only apply to small, medium, and large based warbeasts.  The Archangel cannot be protected by her now.
  • Backswing has been changed, and now produces an additional attack after the first has been resolved.  Abilities like Enliven will now trigger after one attack, instead of after both, possibly saving those previous Menite warjacks…

I was a bit surprised to see no mention of Thagrosh’s feat and how, if at all, it applies to Gargantuans.  Given that they updated Saeryn, a Thagrosh update seemed prudent.  I was also pretty surprised by the backswing change; I didn’t even know that one was being considered.

Give it a look; there are some very key changes there.