Lock & Load – Day 1

We are here, and I am having so much damn fun it is scary! :)

I went to every fluff-based seminar they had today.  TheState of the Factions address was hilarious – Seacat does a phenomenal job in it.  If you get a chance, go see it.  Seriously!  The cosmology discussion and life in the Iron Kingdoms discussions were interesting as well.  I have some notes from both that I am hoping to write up a recap of, when I get time that isn’t being spent having fun!

I also got in two Iron Arena games tonight, against two fantastic opponents.  They were both a ton of fun, and I am really stoked for tomorrow.  Nothing new for either of my factions is available, and I can’t even get Gaspy3 for my wife – here is hoping it is in the store tomorrow.

See you on the floor tomorrow if you are here!