Bozeman Survey Results 4 – Steamroller Tournaments

The second to last portion of this series will talk about the response to tournaments.  Specifically, Steamroller events run in Bozeman.

The previous three posts can be found here:

Bozeman Survey Results 1

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Bozeman Survey Results 3

Analysis of tournament responses below the fold.

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Bozeman Survey Results 3 – Bodger Bowl

First, an apology.  I was very ill last week, with some sort of horrific flu (and am on various steroids now to reduce the inflammation in my chest).  So, I didn’t get to finish this post in time.  But here it is, and we should be good to go for next week as well, assuming I don’t get sick again.

Since running the Bodger Bowl, I have heard nothing but praise and good things about it.  And while I like to have my ego stroked, I also wanted to know what people honestly thought of it.  I wanted to make it the best it could possibly be, and I was excited to see what people felt about it.

Shameless Plug/Reminder

The Bodger Bowl signups for Bodger Bowl II are currently underway.  If you want to be in the next Bodger Bowl, sign up now before you forget – no late submissions will be accepted!

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Bozeman Survey Results 2 – Leagues

Something we wanted out of the survey was to get a feel for how much the community liked the different leagues, and whether or not we should keep doing them.  To that end, we asked questions about the Journeyman leagues, and about the “official” Privateer Press leagues (this year, the War Torn Alliances leagues).

The reason we asked this is because our impressions were going to be heavily biased by both our own experiences, and the experiences of those we talked to the most.  Thus, to avoid getting too much group think involved, we wanted to make sure that people had an opportunity to voice their opinions about the leagues.

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Bozeman Survey Results 1 – Factions, Points and Competitive Play (Oh My!)

I want to say a big Thank You to everyone in Bozeman who participated in the survey we did.  We got a LOT of great responses.  19 of you responded – that is just over a third of the known Bozeman players.  Thank you very much for that!

We have been going through the results of the survey.  I will say this – if you have a larger group of players in your area (say, 10 or more), taking a quick survey is a good way to get some good information from them.  There were a lot of things said that I had never thought of, and the numbers were pretty interesting related to the types of events that we run.

I thought I would go through some of the results here, and talk about what I think they mean for us as a community.

A Quick Note on Methods

I want to note that neither smash nor I took the survey.  As we co-wrote the survey, we both thought it would be misleading and would potentially skew the results in a direction we wouldn’t have liked.  That said – join us in this journey through statistics!

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