Lock & Load Seminars

Friday having been my day of tournaments, I took Saturday to be my day of classes.  The seminars were all too awesome (and had too many possible notes) to fit into one post, so I am going to go ahead and break them up like I did last year.  Starting on Monday, I will be looking at the seminars in the following order.  I have no idea how many days this will take, but I hope you will all enjoy the ride.

  • Touring the Iron Kingdoms
  • True Metallic Technique
  • IKRPG: Kings, Nations and Gods
  • Genesis of the Convergence
  • State of the Factions

I am going to try and keep to a 3-day a week schedule while I am going through these different seminars, again starting on Monday.  I look forward to seeing you all then!


Lock & Load Masters

This year I decided to play in the Masters event at Lock & Load.  It is something I have been meaning to do on a national level for over a year now, and I figured this would be a perfect time to try my hand at it.

As I mentioned Monday, I went 2-2, which was pretty cool.  There were two things that kind of bugged me, that I wanted to call out first (to get them out of the way), and then I will go on with the lists I had, the battle reports of my opponents (such as they are), etc.

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Initial Lock & Load Decompression Thoughts

Although smash has already discussed his initial thoughts after Lock & Load, I thought I would put some of my experiences and thoughts up as well.

  1. The seminars were amazing.  While I didn’t attend as many modeling and painting seminars as others in our party did (only one this year for me), I did get to most of the “fluffy” seminars.  And they were worth it.  The presenters were funny, having fun with the presentations, and generally just in for a good time.  As I said last year, I strongly recommend people go to those seminars if they enjoy the fluff at all.  And like last year, I will be doing write-ups of the different seminars I went to.
  2. I played in my first serious national event this year – the Masters.  I went 2-2, and was pretty happy with my results.  I will have a writeup of that as well, along with my three lists.  It was a fun (if exhausting) day, and although I was somewhat disappointed with some things that occurred (more on that in the writeup), it was a blast.
  3. Like smash, I am now a Press Ganger, so I decided to go to the invitational that is the day prior to Lock & Load proper.  Unlike smash, I had a complete blast at it (as did my wife), and we are definitely planning on doing it again next year.  It was fun meeting the different Press Gangers and volunteers face to face, and talking with the PP staffers (even if I didn’t get to play them) was enjoyable too.
  4. The announcements were enjoyable too – as always, getting to see things there live was just plain awesome.  It didn’t hurt that my wife and I were in the front row for the announcements.
  5. And, of course, Iron Arena was terrific fun as well.  Got to play a lot of games with my new army, and met lots of cool people.
  6. Convergence is also very cool, and I am planning on doing a writeup of my thoughts of them after playing them for the last few weeks.  Expect that soon as well.

All in all, a fun time was had.  No one got sick or injured in our crew, and it was just a solid, well done convention.  I will have more on it over the next few weeks, but here is an initial taste.  Hope to see you all there next year.

Review: Instruments of War

Trigger Warning: violence, discussion of sexism

Disclaimer: I am a Press Ganger for Privateer Press, and I play Skorne as my primary army. I have had no contact with Privateer Press about this review, nor have they discussed any of this with me.

Instruments of War is a new novella from Privateer Press (through their Skull Island eXpeditions label) that details Makeda’s rise to become Archdomina of House Balaash. It provides an interesting perspective into one of the more iconic characters of the Iron Kingdoms.

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Terminus Pain

A quickie today, as there is a lot on my plate.

Sunday, I played against Meatkat in the local Steamroller at the final table.  It was a solid game, and he played really well.  I was out of practice on timed turns, and it showed (I got flustered on time more than once that day).

Also, I hate playing against Terminus spam.  Really hate it.  It is a solid list, and I have to deal with it, but the three warlocks I have painted for Skorne are not up to the job of dealing with it.  I have come to the realization I need to finish up my Zaal, and get the Ancestral Guardians painted up for some really fun times against Terminus.  *sigh*  Back to the grindstone with painting.  :)

That said, the tournament was a blast, and all of my opponents gave fantastic games to me.  First one was against Squelch, and I won on scenario after I had to use all of my fury to transfer Kraye’s assassination run on Rasheth (and even then, he still almost won).  Second game was against a local Circle player who is new to MK II – played a lot in MK I, but was out of the game for a while.  That one went to time, and I won on 3rd tiebreaker (more points in scoring zones than he had).

I am really looking forward to our next tournament.  I should have a more substantive post tomorrow – probably something or other about a Warlock or other.  ;)  Stay tuned to this space for the scheduling of the next tournament.

Thoughts on Leagues

We have run a number of leagues at the Friendly Local Game Store, and I have had some thoughts on them.

First is that we tend to have an older crowd playing the game.  That is, most of us have full time jobs, and a significant minority of us have a family (with the majority of the remaining people having an active social life).  This means that most of us, even those of us who love the game, will not be able to play every day (or even close to every day).  However, there is always the one player that really wants to do well, and so they play as many games as possible to get as many points as possible.

This has lead to many players feeling like they cannot win, so they stop showing up.  Which is contradictory to the goal of the league!  The goal of the league is to get people to play, and show up to play in the shop.  This is why I really prefer the Bodger Bowl premise/style of league.  Everyone is agreeing to one game a week, and their final standings are based entirely on how well they do in the games.  To encourage painting, we have a drawing at the end that people get entries in by painting models.

Now this may not be for everyone, but I noticed that the response was almost universally positive, and we already have people excited for the next one.  (Information on that is coming soon folks!)

I love Journeyman Leagues, because they are a good way to help people “get back to basics” and get in a new faction (or bring in new players, like is happening in our current one).  But the PiP leagues just don’t work well for our group, so we are considering not running them anymore.  Thoughts on this?  Especially from local players?

War Room Updates: Privateer Press Does the Right Thing!

Privateer Press has issued a new statement/FAQ that they are updating (I think they have already updated it at least once).  Included is instructions on how to get refunds if someone has buyer’s remorse for their cards.

While not all of the answers in their FAQ were what I was hoping for, I am very impressed for the new transparency and openness, as well as their attempt to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

I want to say “Thank You” to them for doing the right thing, as well as the new transparency.  You have done well, and deserve recognition for the good.  Too often as humans it is easy for us to ignore the good as the “default” and only focus on the negative.  I hope that this continues on to a fantastic, wonderful product that I think it can be.