All About Us

We are gamers who love all types of games, but especially Warmachine/Hordes.

Current Authors:

Red Manatee has mountains of Protectorate of Menoth, and he is a faithful servant; always coming back the righteous.  He also sports enough Skorne to run a good Unbound game as well.  Once upon a time Red Manatee even played some Legion of Everblight, before selling them off to dbsmash to completely drown him in factions.  He is the only one of our authors to regularly partake in other war-games, currently enjoying Flames of War as well as previously being a Warhammer fan.  While not the biggest fan of painting amongst us, he has been tearing into his painting recently in preparation for Lock & load 2012.  Look to see some good strategy from him, as well as journals of his painting and preparation for the tournament scene.

Jester started his wargaming career at the skirmish level when he started Malifaux 6 years ago. While he holds a special place in his heart for flipping a fate deck, he always lingered by the Warmachine displays. Once he saw the models and announcement for Convergence of Cyriss, he decided to get into the game, picking Cygnar. Then he realized while waiting for CoC that Circle looked pretty cool too. Then CoC (the faction that caught his attention) finally came out. Now, he’s in too deep to see the surface and enjoys always trying to bring a new caster to the table

  • Alycard

Alycard is an avid Warmachine/Hordes player. Introduced to the game several years ago, he quickly caught the bug and the rest is history.  He is a faithful follower of the Messiah and takes great pleasure in bringing the Blight to the masses.  Given the chance he is more than happy to spend hours talking tactics and list building.

Former Authors:

smash’s primary faction, and his first in Warmachine, is Khador.  Having about 220 points here, he decided to expand into Cryx during our local shop’s last slow growth league, and recently he bought a friend’s Legion of Everblight to get his foothold into Hordes.  He does quite a bit of painting, and while not the best painter among us, he sure is fast.  His favorite warcaster/warlocks are the Old Witch, Epic Irusk, the Witch Coven of Garlghast, and Saeryn.  You should be seeing a little bit of everything from smash; painting pics, strategy, battle reports, etc.  Jack of all trades and all that.  Oh, and he recently applied to be the first Press Ganger in Montana.  We’ll let you know how that turns out…

meatkat hasn’t been playing all that long; he started around May 2012.  That being said, dbsmash says he hasn’t seen anyone pick up the game nearly as quickly or as well as the kat.  Another Cryx player, meatkat prefers different warcasters than the other Cryx plays in our local meta; you can bet he will always be pondering his 60+ model Terminus list.  metakat will be bringing you the Monday Morning Battle Report (MMBR) so look for thought provoking highlights from his recent games.  And if we can ever get him to finish up the Deathjack he has been neglecting, perhaps you will get a few painting pictures out of him as well.

Viveka is our resident novice, but I can say with a good deal of certainty that won’t be true for long.  We all know that this game has quite a learning curve, but Viveka is equipped to summit that little hill easily.  In the meantime, she should be able to provide us with some insight into the game from the eyes of a brand new player.  She has already provided our blog some great hints for new players, so it you are intimidated by the game, check her posts out.  Hopefully, we can also get some painting posts out of her, as her take on adorning Cryxian bonejacks is definitely something Toruk may take issue with.


2 responses to “All About Us

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  2. I should pay attention more, i just found your website…
    let me know if you feel like having me post anything on here. Otherwise, keep it up and see you down at Rook’s for the weekly games!

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