Lock & Load Seminars

Friday having been my day of tournaments, I took Saturday to be my day of classes.  The seminars were all too awesome (and had too many possible notes) to fit into one post, so I am going to go ahead and break them up like I did last year.  Starting on Monday, I will be looking at the seminars in the following order.  I have no idea how many days this will take, but I hope you will all enjoy the ride.

  • Touring the Iron Kingdoms
  • True Metallic Technique
  • IKRPG: Kings, Nations and Gods
  • Genesis of the Convergence
  • State of the Factions

I am going to try and keep to a 3-day a week schedule while I am going through these different seminars, again starting on Monday.  I look forward to seeing you all then!


Lock & Load Masters

This year I decided to play in the Masters event at Lock & Load.  It is something I have been meaning to do on a national level for over a year now, and I figured this would be a perfect time to try my hand at it.

As I mentioned Monday, I went 2-2, which was pretty cool.  There were two things that kind of bugged me, that I wanted to call out first (to get them out of the way), and then I will go on with the lists I had, the battle reports of my opponents (such as they are), etc.

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Initial Lock & Load Decompression Thoughts

Although smash has already discussed his initial thoughts after Lock & Load, I thought I would put some of my experiences and thoughts up as well.

  1. The seminars were amazing.  While I didn’t attend as many modeling and painting seminars as others in our party did (only one this year for me), I did get to most of the “fluffy” seminars.  And they were worth it.  The presenters were funny, having fun with the presentations, and generally just in for a good time.  As I said last year, I strongly recommend people go to those seminars if they enjoy the fluff at all.  And like last year, I will be doing write-ups of the different seminars I went to.
  2. I played in my first serious national event this year – the Masters.  I went 2-2, and was pretty happy with my results.  I will have a writeup of that as well, along with my three lists.  It was a fun (if exhausting) day, and although I was somewhat disappointed with some things that occurred (more on that in the writeup), it was a blast.
  3. Like smash, I am now a Press Ganger, so I decided to go to the invitational that is the day prior to Lock & Load proper.  Unlike smash, I had a complete blast at it (as did my wife), and we are definitely planning on doing it again next year.  It was fun meeting the different Press Gangers and volunteers face to face, and talking with the PP staffers (even if I didn’t get to play them) was enjoyable too.
  4. The announcements were enjoyable too – as always, getting to see things there live was just plain awesome.  It didn’t hurt that my wife and I were in the front row for the announcements.
  5. And, of course, Iron Arena was terrific fun as well.  Got to play a lot of games with my new army, and met lots of cool people.
  6. Convergence is also very cool, and I am planning on doing a writeup of my thoughts of them after playing them for the last few weeks.  Expect that soon as well.

All in all, a fun time was had.  No one got sick or injured in our crew, and it was just a solid, well done convention.  I will have more on it over the next few weeks, but here is an initial taste.  Hope to see you all there next year.

Lock and Load: Seminars “Cosmology of the Iron Kingdoms” Part 2: Non-Primal Gods

Continuing on with the Cosmology seminar, I am going to look at what was said about the Dwarven and Elven gods.

  • Dwarves
    • Dwarven gods were created by Dhunais (spelling could be wrong) to be slaves to build monuments to him
    • Dhunias was a giant mountain apparently?
    • The Dwarven gods tricked Dunias by convincing him to let them mine him to get the best materials for making statues and monuments, and then mined out his support structure
    • They then went to Caen through a tunnel from Ur-Caen, created women, had families, and then left
      • These families form the original 13 clans of the dwarves
  • Elves
    • The elven pantheon is 8 gods
    • The myth is that the gods came from the sun and moon mating (in my notes I have “Came from sun & moon sex?”)
    • The elves believe they were created to be “better” than the other gods’ creations
    • Technically, they were on Caen later, but they were given lots of technology quickly by their gods
    • Much of their domain is based on time elements
    • Since the great Cataclysm, the elves have been not living as long, they now have soulless being born, more disease problems, and they do not know what happens to them after death
  • Morrow & Thamar
    • They were twins
    • They believed there were no limits on the human soul
    • Morrow applied this to good works, benefiting humanity as a whole, etc
    • Thamar was about benefiting the self, lack of shackles (including laws, morality, etc)
    • They both gave rise to scientific principles because of their ways of thinking
    • They both ascended to become worshipped by the people
    • Morrow is the largest religion currently in the IK
    • Both have “Ascendents” and “Scions” – basically demigods who work for them.  Similar to Saints in many ways.
  • Maiden of the Gears
    • This was a goddess that was a planet, waiting to be discovered in the heavens
    • Once she was discovered by an astronomer, who published the findings.  She then talks to those who have gazed upon her through their telescopes
  • The Orgoth
    • The Orgoth were conquerors, did not spread their religion
    • Their religion involved bloody sacrifice
    • They called them the “Dark Lords”
    • Possibly Infernals?
  • Infernals
    • Come from outside of Ur-Caen
    • They love souls, no one is sure why
    • From description, they seem to be similar to Demons or Devils from Earth religious traditions

That finishes up the gods. Next time, I will finish up this series with a discussion on Ur-Caen, the Void, and anything else that I didn’t cover.

Lock and Load – Seminars: “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” Part 3: Religion, Protectorate and Miscellaneous

In this series I am documenting the different seminars I attended at Lock and Load in a short-notes style format, with some commentary from myself at the end.  This is part 3 of the Life in the Iron Kingdoms seminar.  I will cover some basic religion, Protectorate information, and miscellaneous things that came up during the Q&A at the end of the seminar.  With that in mind, let’s get to it.

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Lock and Load – Seminars: “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” Part 2: Other Races

This is a continuation of my series about the Lock and Load seminars, and the notes I took during them.  This is part two of the “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” seminar.  These are written to be in a short note-taking style, with items that came up that I thought were interesting bulleted, and a quick summary of my thoughts at the end.

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Lock and Load – Seminars: “Life in the Iron Kingdoms” Part 1: Social class and Magic

I wanted to share the information I got from the different seminars I went to during Lock & Load, especially the “fluffy” seminars that Doug Seacat did.  I attended all three of them, and I will be posting my notes as a kind of abbreviated cheat sheet of the course (so you can all pass the test later at Gen Con).

This seminar detailed what day-to-day life was like in the Iron Kingdoms for people who maybe didn’t see a large part of the main storyline – i.e. the peasants and such.  I found it really interesting, and was really impressed by the depth that they had gone into thinking about the whole world, not just the flashy parts of it.  Full notes are after the fold.

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