Staying Competitive with Faction ADD – Part Two

Hello All! Last week I started this series on Faction ADD and how to stay competitive while still enjoying jumping from faction to faction. This week, we’ll be looking into the negatives (and arguments against) playing multiple factions at a time. I’m sure that many of you have heard these arguments before, but it’s always good to start by identifying weaknesses before you can develop them into strengths.

1. The Time Expense

One of the first peieces of advice a Warmachine player will recieve is to simply get lots of games in. This is excellent advice, and stays true through a Warmachine players career. The argument here goes that if you are spending time switching between factions, you are drastically reducing the practice that you can get in with any particular caster/faction. This is absolutely true, and can cause you to learn a particular caster’s strengths and weaknesses more slowly than you would otherwise. As a fan of the finesse-style casters, I can tell you that I struggled a lot learning how to play some of the higher skill cap models in the game because I was switching so often. You also run the risk of setting incorrect precedence for yourself. 

An example of this from my own experience is that I used to absolutely hate playing into Legion. As a Cygnar player, I was playing the wrong casters into Legion, and I thought that they were overpowered (oh how foolish was I in my youth!) Once I made the switch to Circle, I went into every Legion match expecting to lose horribly. That attitude prevented me from making the right calls and plays during my games, which caused me to lose. Eventually, I realized that it was weakness in my understanding of both Legion and Circle. Once I reconciled that, I began playing into Legion using different tools more effecitvely.

2. Limited Mental Bandwidth

If you’re taking the time to learn all of your models, tricks, combos, and basic strategy, you’re probably not going to be keeping up with other factions. If you’re spending your time learning the same stuff for multiple factions at once, you’re almost definitely not keeping track of that information for your opponent’s factions. 

There is a lot of depth to this game, and a big part of that is how each faction has different plays and combos that  crank their models up to 11. Learning to play a set of these combos well is time intensive, but is the right place to start. After that, you can start learning what your oppoenents’ factions do. However, if you’re spending your time and mental energy learning completely new models, you’ll be on the back foot against opponents who know their   tricks and yours.   

Granted, if you are learning a faction that is heavily played in your meta, this can be a strength. We’ll discuss that more in the future.

3. Time and FInancial Costs

Let’s level for a second. Warmachine is expensive, both on your time and wallet. Models cost money. Assembley and painting can be extremely time consuming. Doing that for multiple factions just exacerbates those issues. Before taking upa new faction, ask yourself “Do I have the time and resources to buy, build, paint, and play a new faction?” If you can’t answer yes without some mental gymnastics and a lot of hesitation, then maybe you should reconsider. 

That just about covers the main issues with playing multiple factions at once. I know – it seems kind of overwhelming at this point, but hang in there til next week and I promise we’ll start talking about the benefits. 


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