Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 11: Mercs and Minions

Mercs and Minions were addressed together, so I will be posting them together.  As always, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Good time to be a mercenary
    • Lots of money to be made
    • Unless you care about a particular side
  • Llaelese resistance not too happy about the Protectorate anymore
    • Damiano has come to the aid of the resistance
    • What started as a skirmish with the Protectorate, Terminus crashed the party instead
  • Magnus has been busy making a new army with his new Protege, Julius
    • Julius looks similar to a certain deposed emperor
    • He is apparently very good with a sword
    • Rumor has it Magnus may be linking up with Montador?
  • Blindwater Congregation led by Barnabus
    • Not all the Gators agree with him
    • Those that don’t will die or join up
    • There will be a lot of bloodshed coming, but don’t worry – it will all be for Barnabus’ gain
  • Thornfall alliance is still led by Carver
    • I don’t have a lot of notes on this – not sure if there was much said

And that is it – that is all of them.  Again, I really enjoyed the talks, and hope I can see more of Seacat next year.


Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 10: Legion of Everblight

Today we talk about the upstart dragon Everblight and his followers.  As always, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Legion has been on the run since the beginning
  • Everblight’s enemies are eager to stop them
    • Most of them are looking for a dragon, not for the warlocks
    • Makes it easier to hide in plain sight
  • Pretty much have recovered from the Castle of the Keys events
  • Other dragons have taken serious issue with this
    • Blighterghast was talking about the attack on the Castle
    • Apparently Pyromalfic was part of some alliance against Toruk?
  • Lyllith spotted the Athanc Venethrax was transporting
  • Toruk is Lazy – he could have finished this off long ago if he wanted.

Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 9: Skorne

Today we talk about the slavers of the Skorne empire, and the state of their faction.  As always, this is in a notes-like format.

  • Good time to be Skorne
    • Vinter taught the Skorne to work together
    • Showed them this great verdant land that was available
  • Makeda has brought new weapons and beasts from home
  • Significant ancestors have been pushing for conquest of Ios
  • Lake was reclaimed from the Rabble Trolls
  • Druids were conducting some kind of ceremony
    • Ancestors told Zaal that if the ceremony succeeded, then it would be bad
    • Hexeris has said it didn’t succeed, and he is a totally trustworthy individual

Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 8: Circle Orboros

Today we cover the angry druids of the Circle and their Faction Address.  As in the past, this is a notes-like format.

  • Some internal Strife recently
  • Big goal has been to stop Legion from existing
    • Dragons are tenacious
    • May have made a minor mistake attempting to assassinate Madrak, but that Druid is dead now, so water under the bridge
  • Kreuger is doing his own thing, as usual
    • Did not attend his own trial
    • He was convicted, and an assassin had attempted to kill him – failed fortunately
    • Wurmwood had him acquitted, said he was the “Harbinger of the Apocalypse”
  • Baldur was temporarily dead – but he got better!
    • His ceremony was to stop Venethrax
    • The plan was to stop Legion from getting to him
    • Collapse the tunnel, to push him to the surface, where others could potentially get the Athanc other than Legion
    • Previous attempts at this had failed

Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 7: Trollbloods

Today we cover the Trollbloods in the State of the Factions Address.  They are a little shorter, either because their address was shorter or my notes were not as good, I don’t remember.  As before, they are in a notes-like format.

  • Have had difficulties getting a place to stay
  • But, that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, right?
  • Been a particularly difficult time for Madrak
    • In case people were wondering – cursed axes are bad.  We should avoid them
    • He has journeyed with Doomshaper and Borka, so I am sure they are fine
  • Grissel is now in charge – and she is doing marvelously
    • Really smart how she got the Circle and the Skorne to fight each other while the kriels escaped

Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 6: Retribution of Scyrah

Next up on the State of the Factions Address, we have the angry elves of the Retribution.  As always, these are in a notes-like format.

  • Ios is undergoing lots of changes
  • The Retribution is taking off
  • Humans are clearly bad – I mean, they had Nyssor
  • Operation Winter’s Hammer
    • Some gains, some losses
    • Successfully attacked Grey Lord facility
    • Nyssor did get away but his existence was confirmed
    • Goreshade was involved
  • House Vyre came in, guns blazing
    • Miraculously found Nyssor
    • Took out Skirov Garrison
      • Ossyan may have been impaled?
    • Got Nyssor

Lock and Load: Seminars “State of the Faction Address” Part 5: Cryx

Continuing our State of the Factions Address coverage, the Nightmare Empire of Cryx is next on the docket.  As always, these are in a notes-like format.

  • Good time to be Cryx!
  • Centuries long plans are now coming to fruition
    • They are moving at an accelerated pace
  • Venethrax is looking for dragons
    • He might have found an Athanc
    • Many forces trying to stop him, but unlikely to stop him
  • Asphyxious has been busy
    • Some prior controversies are water under the bridge
    • He might have tried to become a god or something?  But I am sure he is a team player now
    • Terminus is not convinced, but he is just skeptical all the time
    • Factories beneath Thornwood are churning out thralls
  • Liche Lord Morbus was lost in the Thornwood
    • Mysterious circumstances
    • He was old, and hadn’t really been in a fight in a while
  • Goreshade has been enigmatic recently, but he does make some good banes, and I am sure he is on our side