War Room Updates: Privateer Press Does the Right Thing!

Privateer Press has issued a new statement/FAQ that they are updating (I think they have already updated it at least once).  Included is instructions on how to get refunds if someone has buyer’s remorse for their cards.

While not all of the answers in their FAQ were what I was hoping for, I am very impressed for the new transparency and openness, as well as their attempt to resolve the issues as quickly as possible.

I want to say “Thank You” to them for doing the right thing, as well as the new transparency.  You have done well, and deserve recognition for the good.  Too often as humans it is easy for us to ignore the good as the “default” and only focus on the negative.  I hope that this continues on to a fantastic, wonderful product that I think it can be.


War Room Review: Bring on the Hate Mail!

War Room is out, and I have had a chance to play around with it.  There is some good, a lot of bad, and a whole lot of ugly.  I have primarily used the app on iOS devices – including an original iPad and an iPhone 4s.  I have also played around with it for a minute or two on smash’s android tablet.  Most of this comes from the iOS viewpoint, although from what I can tell, much of this is the same experience between the different ecosystems.  So strap in and prepare for the ride – this is a long one.

About Me

I am a software developer by trade.  I have developed systems for banks giving out loans, I have worked on mobile apps myself, I have even worked on research hardware.  I currently work on backend systems for a company that prides itself on having as streamlined and as smooth of a product as possible.  No, not Apple, but if you are thinking of them, that is the idea.

I have made some pretty poor decisions in my time as a software engineer.  I have made some poor UIs, and I have made some poor design decisions with the software I have written.  I consider all of those learning opportunities.  While this review may seem harsh (and long!), it is intended as exactly that – a peer review of a work that feels like a learning opportunity.  Both for Privateer Press, and Tinkerhouse Games, if they are willing to accept it.

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