Updated Errata

hey all,

The official Privateer Press Errata has been updated once more, and can be found here.  Some highlights:

  • Shield guard has been modified to clear up the targeting issues.  Now, if a shield guard model wishes to use its ability, it becomes automatically hit, instead of the target.  This clears up that problem with ranged enemies turning so they couldn’t see (and thus ‘target’) the shield guard model.  A very good change.
  • Burst Fire has been changed to include huge bases.  Whereas Leviathan, Venators, Raiders, etc previously received no Burst Fire bonus against a huge base, they now get the same +2 bonus they get against large bases.  This is a very good change, if you ask me.
  • Saeryn’s ‘no melee attack’ feat has been updated to only apply to small, medium, and large based warbeasts.  The Archangel cannot be protected by her now.
  • Backswing has been changed, and now produces an additional attack after the first has been resolved.  Abilities like Enliven will now trigger after one attack, instead of after both, possibly saving those previous Menite warjacks…

I was a bit surprised to see no mention of Thagrosh’s feat and how, if at all, it applies to Gargantuans.  Given that they updated Saeryn, a Thagrosh update seemed prudent.  I was also pretty surprised by the backswing change; I didn’t even know that one was being considered.

Give it a look; there are some very key changes there.



Bozeman Bodger Bowl 2012 – EO View

As smash noted, we are doing a “football” style league starting next month.  I got the idea from Muse on Minis, and I thought it was great and decided to run with it.  I am the event organizer for the local league, and the rules I have decided to use are below.

The interesting part about this, for me, is this is the first event I will have organized and run since I started playing Warmachine almost two years ago.  When I ran a game store, I organized many events for Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy, as well as Flames of War.  But I haven’t organized an event in over 5 years – I am pretty excited about this, and it should be a ton of fun. Continue reading