Welcome Alycard!

Another author is joining us here at Sustained Attack – Alycard.  Alycard is an avid Warmachine/Hordes player. Introduced to the game several years ago, he quickly caught the bug and the rest is history.  He is a faithful follower of the Messiah and takes great pleasure in bringing the Blight to the masses.  Given the chance he is more than happy to spend hours talking tactics and list building.

I love playing against Alycard, and love talking strategy with him!  Looking forward to his upcoming posts.


New Author!

Folks, I am pleased to welcome a new author to Sustained Attack.  Jester is joining us, and will be blogging about Warmachine, Hordes, or whatever else is on his mind.  So please give him a huge welcome, as he settles in.

There will be some more activity around here, and I am really excited to see the blog growing and getting fresh content again.  I have some ideas for posts of my own that should be coming soon.

Update to Sustained Attack Scheduled Posting

Everyone, I know the posting has been spotty lately, and for that we all apologize.  With some life changes that have been going on, (work has been more hectic, one of us is finishing their undergraduate program this semester, etc) we have been having a hard time having quality posts every day.  We are going to be more sporadic for the time being, although we will do our best to have something up at least once a week.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed to get notifications whenever we post.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.