Unbound League Rules


The goal of this league is to get people playing Unbound level games – not for people to “win” or anything similar.  This is a way to get people playing with others who are interested in Unbound games.


Signup will happen the previous month.  A post will go up, as well as an email to the mailing list, telling people the day for the next month for Unbound, as well as asking people to sign up in advance.  The TO will then randomly select the scenario to play, and match people up.

The last date to sign up will be in the email sent out.


The players  will be told the scenario, their opponent and respective factions, and they will be told (if applicable) who is the attacker/defender, so they can plan their lists accordingly.  Gameplay will start on the appointed day at a specific time, and players are expected to show up to play their opponents as promised.


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