King of the Hill Rules


  • 25 points
  • You may bring 1 list, although I will allow you to change out your list once during the evening if you so desire
  • You can spend no more than 5 points on non-warjack/warbeast models
    • This includes all units, solos, battle engines, etc
  • You can include Warjacks/Warbeasts that are not a part of the battlegroup, but the points you spend on a ‘jack marshall (for instance), will still count against your 5 points of non-warjack/warbeast points
  • Lesser Warlocks with set attached beasts (i.e. Rorsch and Brine, not the new Legion lesser warlock) count as Warjack or Warbeast points for their points


  • The scenario is set up with a single 12″ circle directly in the middle of a 4’x4′ table.  This is the control zone
  • The players all start in a corner with a 10″x10″ deployment zone.  Advanced deployment will move them to 16″x16″, and theme list benefits that extend range extend both dimensions
  • When all of a player’s Warcasters or Warlocks are destroyed or removed from play, that player is eliminated from that table.  The next player waiting to play steps into their place and deploys in the defeated player’s starting corner.  That player’s models follow the same rules as flags (cannot be targeted, are incorporeal, cannot have damage dealt to them, are immune to all in game effects essentially, cannot be moved, etc) until that player has a first turn.  After that, the models behave as normal.
  • 8 minute turns per player.  If your timer runs out during your turn, your turn ends immediately, as per the timed turn rules in Steamroller 2013.


  • NOTE: You cannot score any points unless your Warcaster or Warlock is inside the zone.
  • The first time you damage each enemy Warcaster or Warlock on a particular table, you earn 1 victory point
    • Note that continuous effects are not owned, so damage from a continuous effect does not count here
    • When a player deploys to a table, either to start the game off, or to come in after another player has been defeated, he/she treats the table as if it was a brand-new table for scoring purposes, even if they have played at that table previously during the event.
  • When you assassinate an enemy Warcaster or Warlock (destroyed or RFP from an attack or collateral damage from an attack that one of your models made), you earn one victory point.
    • This is on top of the victory point you get for damaging the enemy Warcaster or Warlock
    • Note that continuous effects are not owned, so if a Warcaster or Warlock is killed from a continuous effect roll, no one counts as having assassinated them.  They are still eliminated from the table as normal
    • Immediately after a player is assassinated, a monolith will spawn in the zone if one wasn’t already in place, and cannot be damaged for one turn.
  • If you dominate the zone (as per Steamroller 2015 rules for domination), you earn 5 victory points
  • Scoring for the zone happens at the end of every player’s turn
  • Scoring for the zone starts at the end of the first player’s second turn, when a table is first starting out (i.e. all players have one turn before anyone can score)
  • After a player has played 3 consecutive turns without being kicked off the table (i.e. their Warcaster/Warlock destroyed or removed from play), they will begin to score points for every turn they end while still on the table.
    • At the end of their 4th turn, they will score 1 point in addition to any other scoring they may have accrued
    • At the end of their 5th turn, they will score 2 points in addition to any other scoring they may have accrued
    • At the end of their 6th turn, and each additional turn after the 6th, they will score 3 points in addition to any other scoring they may have accrued


  • The winner is the one with the most victory points at the end of the event
  • There will also be a hidden vote for the person who was the best sport during the event.
  • If we have enough players, we will have random drawings for prizes as well

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