Complete Machinations: Entropy Information

In the interest of making the next league as simple to understand as possible, I wanted to make one place you could come to find everything you need for the league.  If you don’t find something you are looking for here, just let me know!

The league begins Monday, July 1st and runs for four weeks.  It costs $10 (payable at Rooks) to enter.

What do you find where?  You will want to look at the Machinations rules for scenarios and scoresheets.  Look at the Entropy rules for the region rules and the season-specific scenarios.  Use the star chart to choose a region to fight in for your faction’s glory.  And use the league models sheet to decide if you want to run the season version of your faction’s league model.

Here are the changes to the rules I am making for us at Rooks:

  1. You are limited to reporting 3 games per week.
  2. You can choose to use one of the painting ‘slots’ to paint another model from another.  For example, if you have already painted 3 large bases, but you want to paint another, you can use one of the 3 huge base ‘slots’ to paint your heavy.  Whenever you do this, you will receive the lower point value between the model you painted and the slot you chose.
  3. Painting a unit is now worth more points.  The value of the units is 1 point per model if you have painted a playable unit size.  So, 6 points for a 6 person unit, and 4 more points if you fill it out.  Unit Attachments will add 1 point per model if you have the unit painted as well.
  4. You can record leagues games against non-league players.
  5. You can choose whether you want to use the league version or a model, or the regular version.  You must inform your opponent which version you will be using in a game.

ALL GAMES must be reported to me here:

ALL painting must also be reported to me in person at Rooks, or via EMAIL ( with a picture of the painted model.



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