Staying Competitive with Faction ADD – Part One

I have a confession to make. I love playing new factions. I love building out a collection, tirelessly researching the tricks, lists, and power plays to make it all work, and confusing my opponents by playing a different army than I did the week before.

My name is Andrew, and I have Faction ADD.

Faction ADD effects many Warmachine players. You might know this guy (or girl) in the shop – they’re constantly switching between two or more factions, switching allegiences at the drop of a hat. They finish off their first game of the night and you ask if they’re up for a second game. “Of course!” they say, already packing up their Siege list, “I’ve got this great Lucant list I’ve been dying to try.”

Some players are of the mind that specializing in one faction makes them a better player. For some players, this is absolutely true. For others, like myself, I actually find that with some patience, I can stay competitive in my store even with my crippling faction ADD.

For reference, I play Circle Orboros as my primary competitive faction. Cygnar is my secondary faction, with CoC, Mercs, and Minions sharing time for teaching games, goofy events, and casual play nights. I also just picked up Skorne, and look forward to dropping them on the table soon. In my career, I’ve also dabbled in Retribution and Khador.

For a while in the shop, some of the more seasoned players told me that my faction jumping would keep me from becoming a good enough player to compete well in the local events, let alone anything bigger that I aspired to. Granted, I game them additional ammunition with a pretty dismal performance in our big seasonal league my first year of play with a last minute switch from Cygnar to Circle. 

My experience with becoming a real contender in my local meta with Circle has inspired me to run a short series on the pros and cons of playing multiple factions, and how to leverage a liability (faction jumping) into a strength for competitive play. I’ll use my journey to illustrate the proper way to apply faction ADD into competitive play, and the pitfalls you may come across. 

Next article, I’ll focus on the cons of faction jumping while learning to play, and during your development from a novice to a steamrolling machine. After we get all that negativity out of th way, I’ll jump to the advantages during that same time period. We’ll conclude with some thoughts on bringing it all together as a developing player. Hopefully, you’ll learn something and I’ll be better able to identify my own shortcomings as a player.

Stay tuned!



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