First Thoughts on eKromac

So, I’ve been playing a little bit of eKromac, thanks to Alucard splitting a Hordes 10th Anniversary box with me. I wanted to go ahead and add my thoughts to the pile of salty tears and overjoyed Circle players.

Full disclosure: I am not a big of Kromac in the fluff or on the table. At least, this was true of Kromac1. I wanted to love his shenanigans, sending beasts in and out and juking around. I wanted to see Kromac sail over a front line of infantry and apply ax to face on the enemy caster, But, whether due to my inexperience at the time or my meta’s understanding of Kromac’s tricks, it never really panned out.

The new Kromac differentiates himself from his past by giving up on helping his army hit and run quite as effectively in exchange for additional personal prowess, a more supportive feat, and a deeper spell list. It seems, when you first look at him, that we finally have a dedicated armor cracker in Circle, especially if you aren’t a fan of Bradigus.

eKromac’s first big asset is his statline. His base defensive stats add up to 32, which experienced players will notice breaks the average defensive statline pretty handily. His defense is high enough that most troopers are going to balk at hitting him and his armor is high enough that even a beast or jack is going to blunt a tooth trying to chew through him. His MAT his higher than his prime incarnation, and he hits as hard as a circle beast thanks to new two-handed ax, Rathrok. Once you add in Carnage and Heart Eater, both he and his whole army can consistently do work and hit even high defense models with minimal issues. Primal Howl, eKromac’s signature spell, allows him some situational  scenario pressure, and allows him to increase his defense, and the defense of his close front line, for some unexpected defense shenanigans.

His feat requires some finesse to utilize well. Granted, it seems straightforward – auto-hitting charges for models in his control area, and increased STR and ARM for him and his living beasts. However, Circle typically doesn’t alpha with the charge, but with shifting stones. However, it does make him a fantastic armor cracker, and he counters high defense spam well.

So far, I’ve been impressed by eKromac’s ability to close out a game, and his ability to get through armor. My list with him lately has looked like this:


-Druid Wilder

– Winter Argus

-Warpworld Stalker

– Riphorn Satyr

Blackclad Wayfarer x 2

Shifting Stones x 2

Warpborn Skinwalkers (Full)

-Warpborn Alpha

Druids of Orboros

-Druid of Oroboros Overseer

The druid clouds cover the army on the way up, and the Winter Argus allows eKromac to hit ARM 20 on feat turn with his animus, which feels powerful and can bait a great assassination attempt. Very rarely will I bait with my caster, but eKromac is a big boy. He can handle it. In addition, the wilder and eKromac’s spell list can help with getting animi out without fury, which the Stalker appreciates everyday.

Another interesting note – eKromac may have game with the Satyrs, since his feat helps to offset their pillow fists. I also played a game running him with a Scarsfell Griffon. Remember those? Yeah, a feated Scarsfell Griffon gets work done in unexpected places.

eKromac is good. I don’t know if he quite fits my personal playstyle, but I think I just need to unlock his potential with the utility beasts and trust my infantry to help crack the armor. I think we’ll see a lot from eKromac moving forward. It’ll be interesting to see if he works better for armor cracking, which fits the current meta better, or making utility beasts shine by letting their all important charge get things done. I’ll be trying him in this second role, so look forward to additional feedback.


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