Twins Basil, Twins!

Figured it was time to do a write-up on the Epic Rhyas and Saeryn unit now that I’ve had some table time with them.  Where to start?  My initial impression was an underwhelming one, middle of the road stat line, solid spell list, only 1 beast point, and the loss of some signature abilities.   More of a huh reaction than a OMFG! reaction.  That being said, these ladies add up to much more than just the sum of their parts.  They are like good old down home country cooking, basic ingredients, but mix it all together and what comes out is finger licking good!

First things first, this unit is NOT pRhyas and pSaeryn clumped together.  Comparing the two to one another model to  model is a complete waste of time and will result in only disappointment and a completely skewed view of their potential.  They are a unit, and as such are made to compliment and facilitate one another.  They do this beautifully if viewed and played in this way.

Initially their defensive stats gave me pause.  At def 16, arm 14, with 8 hp, the first thing that comes to mind is victim stats.  On the table though I have found them to be surprisingly resilient.  Tenacity really helps, I won’t go as far as to say a shredder is a must with them, but I would highly recommend one. Probably their best defensive stat is the spd 7.  Being that fast really allows them to leverage terrain and positioning.  This is crucial for them as I have found I keep Occultation out on another unit most of the time, or at least until the battle is well under way.

So what do they bring to the table?  Board control.  This is not the board control of say Haley2, Denny2, or Krueger2.  They don’t bring the hard control of the aforementioned casters through spells and feats, theirs is a soft control, that of implied threat.   End with your caster within 12″ and Rhyas can charge you, to a max of 15″ with certain builds.  Boosted pow 12’s kill casters, so pow 12 weaponmasters with crit decap need to be taken seriously.  Scenario has to be looked at differently against these ladies as well.  Their feat, in combination with the fact that both have to be dead to win by caster kill, allows them to play a very aggressive scenario game.  Being able to bring one back means I can hang one out in the wind, usually Rhyas since she is the muscle, in a way I wouldn’t with a single caster to clear a scenario and steal points.  Under commit to a zone or flag and I can safely clear it and take points, over commit and you just opened up another section of the board for me to leverage.  Being able to switch places with the feat also makes for some hard to account for threat vectors against both casters and key pieces.

Their actual threat ranges and ability to aggressively pursue scenario aren’t the only way I have found they offer board control.  Their spell list does this in spades as well.  Occultation, Banishing Ward, Psychic Vampire, and Onslaught, each of these can and do allow a Twins player to dictate when and were an engagement begins.  Obviously each has its time and place, the Twins are not win button casters, far from it!  But what their spell list gives is options and leveraged properly allows a savvy general to dictate the flow of the game.  If you can do that, if you can dictate what you opponent is or isn’t doing, then as the man with tiger blood in his veins once said,”Winning!”

Lastly, positioning is everything with these ladies.  They have very low hp and they are on an 8″ tether.  At first this may seem like a deal breaker, but if you are cognizant of that and pay attention to positioning they are hugely rewarding.  In the vein of soft board control and implied threat, how you position them in regards to one another is important.  When camping 7+ fury I have found it effective to keep them close to each other.  Plenty of fury to transfer off any aoe’s, and with Tenacity up a melee attack is a risky proposition.  Miss Rhyas and she is going to hit you with a weaponmaster riposte and the potential to decap, miss Saeryn and she is going to hit you with a dispel riposte knocking off any buffs.  Are they killable in a melee run, absolutely, but it is risky enough that opponents have to think twice about it.  Less than 7 fury camped and I tend to spread them out enough that it is difficult to get on both.  That way should one go down I’m still in the game and can potentially feat her back.  Like many things in life, remember location, location, location!

Obviously this is just a quick, general overview of the Epic Twins and many more games will be needed to get a solid bead on their place in the hierarchy.  Are they S tier? I can’t say yet.  Are they high-end? Undeniably.  Overall I have found them to be an extremely fun and rewarding drop.  In my opinion they offer the perfect blend of options, power, and finesse.

The list I have been running with them

Epic Twins +1



Naga Nightlurker-5


Swordsman-Max + UA-11


Anyssa Ryvaal-4


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