Bodger Bowl Updates

The Bodger Bowl schedule and site is live.  Note that this site is NOT final – this is a work in progress.  I already have a LOT planned for future improvements for it, and those will be coming shortly.

That said, the whole schedule is there.  Please double check that you don’t play the same person twice during the league.  Pretty sure no one will, but it never hurts to double check.

Below the schedule are the Conferences and Divisions.  Note that there are three Divisions per Conference this year.

Some updates regarding rules for this league are below.

Conceding A Match

If you are playing a game, and decide to concede the match, you will count as though every model on the table is destroyed at that moment.  This means any beasts that have bonds will lose them, any beasts with a bond bonus will lose it, you will have to do injury checks, etc.

Please do not concede a game.  In Warmachine and Hordes, I have seen (and made) plenty of “comeback” situations in the games.  More than I have room for.  Additionally, because of the nature of the Bodger Bowl, whether something is destroyed or not matters a ton.  And conceding the match takes away from that part of the game.

Warjack and Warbeast Bonds

In the past, we have made it so that Warjack and Warbeast bond bonuses go away if you don’t play the Warcaster or Warlock consecutive weeks.  Part of why I wanted to get a site to manage all of this was to allow for us to keep the bond bonuses even if you don’t play the same Warcaster or Warlock from week to week.


Who enters the playoffs will be decided as follows:

  • The top two players in each division will enter the playoffs
  • Of the remaining players in the conference, the top two with the best record will enter the playoffs in the wildcard slots.
    • If there is a tie for any (or all) of the wildcard slots, then if one player beat the other player, they will take the spot
    • If that does not resolve it (for instance, if they didn’t play during the season) then those players will play a game before the first week of the playoffs as a tie breaker.  Note that this game DOES count for purposes of bonds, injuries, etc.
    • If it is more complicated than described above, we will use random chance to determine who plays off for the wildcard slot(s)

First Game

The first game is THIS Wednesday, October 22nd.  If you are unable to make this week (or any other week) email me ASAP so that we can get things rescheduled with your opponent.  If you know ahead of time that you will be missing, let your opponent for that week know.


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please feel free to direct them to me.  Good luck everyone!


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