New Errata: The Most Important Takeaway

There is a new errata out, and it brings a significant change.

While the errata has several modifications, as usual, one stands out among the rest:

P. 72. Spells and Effects
Add the following to the Spells and Effects text:
When a model’s special rule or spell allows its controller to
choose or target a friendly unit, all models in that unit must be
in formation.

While this might seem insignificant at first, this could lead to some very interesting game changes.  Essentially, a player cannot cast a spell or use an ability on a unit if any member of said unit isn’t currently information (assuming the spell/ability requires targeting or choosing).  Given that you cannot check formation until the unit’s activation, this could be huge.  Imagine a Khador player who wants to cast Battle Lust on a unit or Pikemen before having them charge a Colossal.  Now, that player must be sure that every member of the Pikemen is in formation before casting that spell, or the spell cannot target them.

Enemies however, can target/choose units without regards to their current formation.

There are all kinds of subtle ways a savvy player can affect an opponent’s formation:  telekenesis, drag, slam, etc.  What were previously position control elements could now open to the door to a new kind of denial. I think it is an interesting change, and I look forward to seeing how I can put it to use.  I just want to make sure everyone was aware of this change, and didn’t get surprised in a tournament.

Got any questions about this, or other changes in the errata?  Let me know in the comments!


3 responses to “New Errata: The Most Important Takeaway

  1. Technically any time one would need to know if a unit was in formation – such as if a model was moved potentially out of formation and needed to make a command test – you would have to measure.

  2. JUDGE!

    Here’s a question: how does this interact with eEyriss shooting your own unit to remove enemy upkeeps?
    – If it starts out of formation
    – If she is forced to shoot the unit leader and kills it, disrupting formation

    I’m pretty sure there are some similar clarifications that will need made, but this is a very general case.

    • Because it isn’t a spell or special rule, she can target with an attack. If she hits, the effects apply. It only matters for spells (i.e. you couldn’t do it with banishing ward) or effects (see: Rhupert Carvolo)

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