Syntherion Battle Report

Last Wednesday, during our open play Warmachine night at Rook’s Comics and Games, I played a Syntherion list against two opponents.  It was interesting, and I wanted to talk about the experience.

The List

This is a Tier 4 The Great Machine, which gives Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex solos Advanced Deployment, Syntherion’s spells are reduced by 1 on his first turn, the Corollary begins with 2 focus (one for each Optifex Directive unit in the list), and the Galvanizer is free.

  • Forge Master Syntherion (+6)
    • Prime Axiom (19)
    • Corollary (3)
    • Diffuser (3)
    • Diffuser (3)
    • Cipher (9)
    • Cipher (9)
    • Galvanizer (0)
    • Mitigator (4)
  • Optifex Directive (2)
  • Optifex Directive (2)
  • Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1)
  • Algorithmic Dispersion Optifex (1)

The goal of this list is pretty obvious – use Synergy to kill heavy things/high defense things, and use the PA and Mitigator in tandem for a kill shot (knockdown from the Mitigator, making the PA’s job of dragging/punching much easier).

Game 1

For my first game, I played against a Trollbloods player playing a fairly standard Borka list.  It was a tough matchup (see what I did there?) but he won on scenario.  Turns out, I wasn’t aggressive enough with Syntherion.  So, despite my learning from previous games, I needed to be more aggressive with him.

I was hoping to get a good feeling for the Prime Axiom in these games, and in this one it did well, but I can’t help but wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to have two Monitors or Inverters and another galvanizer for the points.  Bigger synergy growth, more chances to help use that sweet, sweet focus induction.  More bodies to kill the hordes of heavy infantry…

Game 2

I played against a Skarre2 list from one of our local Cryx players.  I will fully admit that I have a blind spot with Skarre2.  I find her to be the hardest matchup for me, no matter what I am playing.  That said – it was a relatively close game.

Syntherion’s grind was in good form, although missing 7s on boosted attack rolls (more than once!) made it hard to get the Synergy chain going.  In the end, a slight misplacement of Syntherion after Skarre’s feat turn meant that he could (barely) get Death Jack to me, and he (barely!) killed Syntherion (1 damage point of overkill).

Lessons Learned

Again, the Corollary makes this faction sing.  I am going to be writing up something about the Corollary and why it is so important, but it was easily the biggest help I had during the games.  An extra 2-3 focus every turn is HUGE.

The Prime Axiom continues to be somewhat underwhelming.  It is a cool piece, but with Syntherion, I would almost always rather have the extra ‘jacks to get the synergy chain built up larger.  I am going to continue to play with it, and try and get a better feel for it, but I am wondering if it is really better being replaced by more ‘jacks.


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