Aurora Battle Report

Last Sunday (the 2nd of March) during our usual open play at Rook’s Comics and Games, I played an Aurora list for two games.  I wanted to talk about some of my thoughts regarding this list, and some of the things I learned from the games.

The List

  • Aurora, Numen of Aerogenesis (+6)
    • Diffuser (3)
    • Diffuser (3)
    • Corollary (3)
    • Cipher (9)
  • Clockwork Angels (3)
  • Clockwork Angels (3)
  • Clockwork Angels (3)
  • 5 Eradicators (9)
  • 5 Perforators (9)
  • 5 Reciprocators (9)
  • Attunement Servitors (2)

The purpose behind this list is that the heavy infantry, with True Path and Transference, are able to move up relatively quickly (7″ walk with shield wall and pathfinder for the Reciprocators, for instance).  They hold the line and attrition while Aurora looks for an opening.  The Eradicators can deal with infantry swarms pretty well, while the perforators, with a 10″ assault, can do some serious damage on medium based infantry and lighter Warjacks/Warbeasts.  They are even a serious threat to some Warcasters.

Game 1

Opponent’s List

  • Thagrosh 2
    • Scythean
    • Angelius
    • Seraph
    • Naga
    • Rake
  • 5 Raptors
  • Forsaken
  • Forsaken
  • Death Stalker
  • Death Stalker

This list was an interesting matchup.  The heavy beast spam was tough to deal with, and he tied me up very effectively.  As my opponent mentioned, I need to work on my maneuvering of my medium-based infantry (I am used to playing medium base spam with Xerxis, where maneuvering matters WAY less).

My opponent used his feat to kill off my infantry and jam down my throat – I then countered back with Aurora, killing his Scythean, Angelius and Rake (which an Angel was engaging).  The fact that Aurora basically took them from full to dead in one turn was really impressive.

The other big thing was the corollary/Diffuser combo.  The corollary can completely power two diffusers (boosted shots, and damage) every turn, and have a focus floating around during that for the Cipher to get a second shot.  As long as all four of them ran near each other, I could end with a focus on the corollary, which meant it was allocating 2 the next turn (to a diffuser), inducting one (to the other diffuser), and getting one back from the Cipher (or second diffuser) after they were all done with the focus.

I ended up winning on Scenario because he just couldn’t get enough into the zone once I killed all of his heavies (the remnants of the Eradicators finished off the Seraph the same turn that Aurora finished off the other three beasts, leaving only a Naga).

Game 2

In game 2 I played a newer player in the local meta, so I made a point of calling out Aurora’s tricks to him.  Specifically, the feat/refuge/flashing blade assassination trick.  He did a very good job of not giving me an avenue to Morvahana 2 the whole game.

I feel I did much better with my heavy infantry maneuvering that game, and did a good job keeping things tied up in the right spots.  Beyond that, it was a pretty tough matchup for the opponent (given that I had no living models other than Aurora), so lots of Morvahna’s tricks just didn’t come into play.

Lessons Learned

Aurora in this list was a blast to play.  Transference made it so that I could boost key rolls (in game 2, it allowed me to wipe out the last of his units, reducing his ability to respond effectively).

I will say that keeping her back is key (as I have mentioned previously about CoC casters), but I will say that her ridiculous feat threat range makes that OK.  The Corollary adding to her CTRL area helps that out too, increasing the range of True Path and Transference.

I cannot say enough good about the Corollary, way more than I can fit into this report.  That said – I cannot wait for it to come out in April.

I will say that Aurora is a very effective ‘caster, in or out of her theme force, and gives us some super maneuverable armies in a faction not as known for quick movement.


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