Halloween Haunting

hey all.  So this coming Sunday, October 27th, we are holding an exciting event at Rooks: Halloween Haunting.  This is a custom event that I came up with, and I really think you will enjoy it.

  • Sign up at noon, event starts at 1 PM.
  • 3 round, 50 pt, single list format.
  • Must have at least one heavy (not huge) warjack/warbeast in list to be tagged as your ‘werebeast’
  • Must have one unit in list, to be tagged as your ‘werehunters’
  • Each round, werebeasts gain new effects to reflect their supernatural nature

Were Hunters:
Hunters gain +2 to all attack and damage rolls against a Werejack/Werebeast.  Additionally they gain +2 SPD when beginning their activations within
10 inches of a Werejack/Werebeast.  Hunters automatically pass all command checks and cannot be knocked down  or made stationary while an enemy Werejack/Werebeast is on the table.


Each round, your werejack or werebeast will gain new effects.  Some of them will be immensely powerful, but sometimes they will present challenges to you.  These effects will be revealed each round before you deploy.  Furthermore, werejacks and werebeasts  can never be disrupted, or suffer effects that make it so they cannot be allocated, spend focus, or be forced.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I can’t wait to see you all at rooks!


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