New Halloween Event Scheduled!

Hey all,

I am really excited about this custom event I am going to run a few days before Halloween.  I hope you are too.  Here are the general rules, let me know if you have any questioins!

Sunday, October 27th – Warmachine Halloween Haunting

  • Custom Tournament!
  • 3 rounds, 50 pts, single list format
  • Must have at least one heavy warjack/warbeast in list to be tagged as your ‘werebeast’
  • Must have one unit in list, to be tagged as your ‘werehunters’
  • Each round of the tournament, werebeasts gain a new effect to reflect their supernatural nature
  • Werehunters always get offensive bonuses against werebeasts
  • Customized halloween themed scenarios!

I haven’t fully decided on all the werebeast bonuses yet, but you should know they won’t be all positive.  There will also be negative effects to being a werebeast; with great power comes great risk :)


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