Jacking Up Cryx Part 2: Machine Minds

This is part 2 in the series, if you want to see part 1, head over here.

After I decided to attempt a jack-heavier take on Cryx, one of the first places I decided to look was the newish Witch Coven tier list, Machine Minds.  It actually makes Iron Lich Overseers decent, since all jacks they marshall are cheaper,  and it gets a good deal more focus on the table via a Soul Taker bonus.  Here is the list I ran:

  • Witch Coven of Garlghast
  • 2 Deathrippers
  • Malice
  • Skarlock Thrall
  • Iron Lich Overseer
  • Harrower (on overseer #1)
  • Slayer (on oversser #1)
  • Iron Lick Overseer
  • Harrower (on overseer #2)
  • Slayer (on oversser #2)
  • 2 Warwitch Sirens
  • 2 Machine Wraiths (with Ambush)

So, I had 5 heavy jacks and 2 light jacks.  I had 7 souls on the table at the start of the game (1 on each overseer, 1 on each Harrower, skarlock thrall, 2 on Malice).  I had 2 power boosters to get more focus into the game on top of that.  I was feeling good about the mission to generate a good deal of focus or focus-substitute.  The Wraiths were going to Ambush and try and attack juicy targets from behind (my Khador opponent was only running character jacks).  The Witch Coven was going to juice Malice, and pass out their awesome spells.  Also, when the time came, their own assassination threat, coupled with the jacks, was what my endgame was looking for.

One thing I didn’t anticpate was how much stealth can be in this list.  The Coven, Egregore, warwitches, Malice (via Occultation), overseers and their jacks were all stealthed in the first 2 rounds of this game).  All my opponent could hit at range were the deathrippers and the skarlock.  In a three list format (what I am preparing for) that could cause some opponents quite an issue.  It is another perk to the list.

I don’t want to go into a  turn by turn analysis of the list.  But it played much like I thought it would.  The Slayers and Malice were there to deal with enemy heavies.  The Harrowers used Ghost Shot to hit key hidden targets and could really scare units with thresher and Soul Taker.  The Warwitches used Power Booster to spread more focus around, and also sprayed to help thin units.  The Machine Wraiths ambushed and killed a Manhunter and Lady Aiyana.  In the end, it was a boosted ghost shot from a Harrower, along with a soul-boosed spell from an Overseer, that finished off the Old Witch.

I like the surprising versatility of the list.  Between the Coven, the Harrowers, and the Overseers, I can put 6 boosted ranged/magic attacks into an enemy warcaster.  The Harrowers can deal quite well with units, especially high armor ones.  The stealth can trip up shooty lists.  The amount of jacks and associated attacks can really trip up some unprepared lists.  A Infernal Machine Malice can advance 8 inches and pull an enemy warcaster 8 more inches into charge range of a Harrower with 3 souls, a focus from Power Booster, and a Jack Marshall boost.  That is no joke.

One thing I think the list will struggle with is a lot of high def troops.   I was lucky in this game, as the Old Witch brought Winterguard and Kayazy.  Had I not got the assassination when I did, those troops were going to mire me for the rest of the game.  I really think the list could use a min unit of bile thralls (protected with occultation) to help with that issue.  In this game, it would have scared the Winterguard and Kayazy silly.  Maybe I will drop an arc node and the skarlock for another machine wraith and the thralls?  Drop Malice for them and another arc node or a Scavenger?  I am not sure.

What do you think?  Anybody else running this tier list?  What are your thoughts?


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