New Errata: July 15th 2013

So, Privateer Press has released a new errata document today.  Amidst the usual wordsmithing and slight changes (getting the world ‘huge’ added to lots of rules, for example) there were two very significant changes:

  1. Gaspy2 has had his feat nerfed yet again.  Now he can only return grunts with the feat, so no more Tartarus, Blood Hag, Bane Thrall Officer, etc.
  2. Taryn di la Rovissi’s Shadow fire ability no longer applies to just friendly faction models.  Now Cygnar and protectorate players can remove screening models with her.

I think these are both solid changes.  Gaspy2 was still continuing to win far more than his fair share of tournaments, and Taryn almost never saw play outside of Mercenaries.  I really think both of these changes are good for the game (and I am even a Cryx player).

What do you think?


2 responses to “New Errata: July 15th 2013

  1. I just don’t think gaspy should get the special abilities of the solos. Just bringing back a solo for its basic stats would be enough. Surprised they went as far as they did. Guess cryx will have to fall back to the super weak denehgras/skarres/terminus options.

    I was wanting to pick up taryn after all the new fluff on her and Rutger so that change is cool.

  2. I really like the change to gaspy 2. No more tarturus will make the feat and the banes a bit more survivable especially to bad placements of either terrain or models. Even for new players. And he still has an amazing spell list. Next I think the change to Teryn is going to be a good one. While I do not hide behind my collosal/gargs all that much i see it as a tactic a lot use now a days and this change can shake things up a bit.

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