Rules for Who’s The Boss tournament up

The rules for the Who’s The Boss tournament are up.  We are still looking for people to volunteer to lend their fully painted warcaster/warlocks.  Note that if they have attachments/come with someone (i.e. Nemo3 and Lynch, Old Witch and Scrapjack), those need to come with them as well.  We are also looking for people being willing to donate the lesser warlocks (although their beasts are not required).

Hope to see you all there!


7 responses to “Rules for Who’s The Boss tournament up

  1. I got a few I could bring by… going to be out of town for the tourney, but if you need painted casters… I have, Amon, Reznik, Feora1, Kreoss1, and I think that is it… Guess I need to paint more casters. Got Kreoss 3 on my table right now but don’t think he will be done. If you are interested in any of the ones I posted test me at 599-6565

  2. I plan on being there.

    Both Madraks
    Brun Cragback & Lug

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