Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Ord

A special thank-you to Jason Hobbs (ZeeWulf) for sending me a copy of his notes he took during this seminar.  With his and my notes, I reconstructed the seminar.

Our mercenaries, under the influence of a set of Khadoran runes inscribed on them, head down towards Ord.

Ord is in a difficult position between Cygnar and Khador.  Both countries are larger and would like to have control over it – one way or another.

About Ord:

  • They remain neutral, but more friendly to Cygnar than to Khador
  • Murado hills are their northern border to Khador, and have held off assaults (including one with the Butcher!)
  • Their army is extremely well trained and courageous
  • Mercenary and Trade hub
    • Main source of revenue for Ord is acting as a proxy for trade between Cygnar and Khador
  • Not as reliant on Warjacks – makes some, but needs to import cortexes

About Berck:

  • Ord’s most famous city
  • House Mateo, contender for the throne, is located in Berck
  • Naval wizards are based there
  • Very powerful fleet
  • Many sailors go to Berck for training
  • They have even successfully traded with the continent of Zuu
    • Cygnar’s Mercadian League owns some of the merchant houses however

Our mercenary company continues on down to Ceryl, where they are to attack the Fraternal Order, a group of wizards.  They do not survive.

About Ceryl:

  • 2nd largest city in Cygnar
  • Furthest from the Capitol
  • Strong Thurian cultural identity
  • Home to the Fraternal Order of Wizardry
    • They are also in Llael and Ord
    • Greylords area schism, where Khadorans still loyal to Khador took the Fraternal Order’s secrets.  Still enmity between the two groups over this schism
    • Makes cortexes
    • Large library of lore and arcane information
  • Home to Cygnar’s Northern fleet


About the fleets:

  • Khador has a massive fleet, but not very well trained
  • Ord has a massive fleet that is well trained and very respected
  • Cygnar has the largest fleet, but also shares the majority of it’s waters with Cryx, who also has a huge fleet

Q&A stuff:

  • Cygnar controls the Southern gulf, but they let ships pass generally if they are smaller ships – lots of “bad behavior” goes on without Cygnar knowing
  • Clocker’s Cove is a pirate haven in Southern Cygnar
  • Not a lot of settlement East of the Black River except for Ternon Crag
    • The Skorne have pretty much stopped all other settlement

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