Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Khador

A special thank-you to Jason Hobbs (ZeeWulf) for sending me a copy of his notes he took during this seminar.  With his and my notes, I reconstructed the seminar.

Our mercenary company has been captured by the Khadorans, implicated in a plot to kill a Khadoran commander.  They are being transported through Khador along the rail system

Khador is a massive nation.  They have built the Iron Highway, a set of train tracks that go all the way across the country.  This has been hugely beneficial for them during wartimes, as it has allowed for quick movement of troops throughout their (very large) country.

Most of the country’s arable land is in the south.  The northern region is some of the most inhospitable in the Iron Kingdoms.  Because of this, the vast majority of the population live in the southern part of the kingdom.

As they are carried along the railway, they pass through Korsk.

About Korsk:

  • Capitol of Khador
  • Has the central palace
  • Huge morrowan temple
  • The Strakoya (Greylord training center)
  • Lots of industry
  • Very modern – likely the most modern of Khador cities

Continuing on their journey, the Mercenaries continue on to Khardov

About Khardov:

  • Major industrial city
  • Nearby is a prison work camp, where much of the labor for the industry comes from
  • Lots of pollution
    • To the point people wear soaked rags on their faces on really bad days
    • Think early industrial London
  • There is a cache of Orgoth artifacts beneath Khardov, so there is a large Greylord presence
  • Center of the criminal underground
    • The bosses are all in the nearby prison

The mercenaries are not put to hard labor – instead they meet with some Greylords, who put runes on their skin, and all of a sudden they feel like doing anything for the Motherland.  They head south to Ord.


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