Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Divided Llael

A special thank-you to Jason Hobbs (ZeeWulf) for sending me a copy of his notes he took during this seminar.  With his and my notes, I reconstructed the seminar.

The mercenary company continues it’s march northward along the Dragon’s Tongue into divided Llael.

Llael is now divided into three territories of dispute: Occupied Llael (Umbrey), Northern Crusade, and Free Llael.


  • Khadoran occupied
  • Largest portion of Llael
  • Breadbasket of Llael
  • The River North of Corvis is in Khadoran hands, and there are lots of checkpoints
  • Merrywynn was the heart of the Llaelese government, and last captured city.
    • Still significant resistance forces there
  • Resistance is getting desperate, need to do something big soon or risk getting wiped out
  • In some ways the Khadorans have made life better for the average citizens, so most of the citizens are not unhappy with Khadoran rule

Northern Crusade:

  • Mainly the city of Lleryn
  • While there is a tentative agreement between the Northern Crusade and the resistance, it definitely has been strained once it was clear the Protectorate was in Llael to stay
  • Decent farmland as well

Free Llael:

  • One city in the South East (Rhyden)
  • Small territory
  • Poor land
    • primarily export wine
  • Well fortified

While in the Khadoran lands, the mercenaries make contact with their resistance contacts to deliver the documents.  But, as with all things resistance, sometimes things get more complicated.  For instance, a Khadoran officer might just turn up dead in the safe house.  The mercs get captured by the Khadorans during the drop off, and are shipped off to prison.


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