Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Cygnar

A special thank-you to Jason Hobbs (ZeeWulf) for sending me a copy of his notes he took during this seminar.  With his and my notes, I reconstructed the seminar.

Continuing our rundown of the Touring the Iron Kingdoms seminar, we have followed our mercenary band into Caspia.  From there, they will travel through parts of Cygnar on their way to divided Llael to deliver their documents.

The mercenaries have made it past the checkpoints on the bridge between Caspia and Sul, and are now firmly in Cygnaran territory, inside Caspia proper.

About Caspia:

  • Ancient city
  • Lots of layered architecture – keep building on top of what was there (Think Rome and similar European cities)
  • One of the few cities never occupied by the Orgoth
  • Heart of the Cygnaran War Industry
  • Compared to Sul, it is dirty, crowded, and busy
  • Arguably greatest city in Western Immoren, although the Rhulic capitol may contest that claim
  • Extremely Cosmopolitan city
  • Rail, shipping, water channels and traffic up the black river for different trade routes
  • Center of the Morrowan faith

The mercenary company heads up the Black River, heading towards divided Llael.

About the Black River:

  • Controlled and Patrolled by Cygnar, although considered to be their Eastern border
  • Super busy
  • Smuggling is a major trade
    • Lots of competition between smugglers
  • Can be dangerous to travel on – between Skorne, gatormen, Protectorate, etc

They make it to Corvis, northernmost city still controlled by Cygnar that is on the Black River. (NOTE: This is during the IKRPG timeline, so the events of Wrath have not happened yet).

About Corvis:

  • Important city because it is on the joining of the Black River and the Dragon’s Tongue
  • Used to be very secure in the Northern/Central part of Cygnar, but is now on the border of the combat action
  • It was originaly founded as an Orgoth capitol a thousand years earlier
  • Built on swamp land, so it is constantly sinking.  People keep building on top of the old buildings as they sink.
  • Very unstable ground, and very wet climate – lots of rain
    • “Seattle of the Iron Kingdoms”
    • Probably less Coffee shops though
  • Almost doubled in size since the Skorne invasion in 603 AR, primarily from military activity
  • Refugee hub – lots of refugee camps fleeing from the Skorne or Khador, especially after the fall of Llael and the Thornwood
    • Some refugees have been forced to settle outside the city
  • Very tense atmosphere.  The khadoran garrisons are just outside of cannon and gun shot range
  • They use Mercenaries for Police

The mercenaries continue North into Divided Llael, which I will discuss on Monday.

There were a few other elements discussed in Cygnar related to the Northwestern portion of the country, but that will be discussed next Friday when I discuss Ord.


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