Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Protectorate of Menoth

A special thank-you to Jason Hobbs (ZeeWulf) for sending me a copy of his notes he took during this seminar.  With his and my notes, I reconstructed the seminar.

This entire seminar focused on following a mercenary band as they travelled around Western Immoren doing a job for hire, and discussing the different regions as they went through them.  The first stop on their trip was the Protectorate of Menoth.  This was because their journey started in Icthyr, where they were being hired by a Scrutator to deliver a package to the Northern Crusades.

They meet up in Icthyr because it is easier to take a ship from Cygnar to the southern ports of the Protectorate than it would be to take one into Sul.

About Icthyr:

  • Ancient city; one of the oldest standing cities in Western Immoren
  • Believed to be the location where Menoth gave law to man
  • Used to be nice, wonderful farmlands until the Cataclysm (i.e. Bridge of the Gods)
    • Afterwards, the region becomes a desert
    • Eventually, Icthyr is abandoned and Menites settled into Caspia
  • When the Protectorate was founded, they rediscovered the temple walls and the covenant
    • Because of this, it is a major pilgrimage site for the faithful.
    • Lots of scholarship as well, since the city has lots of old documents in ancient languages, as well as lots of information in the ancient architecture

The mercenary band is hired by Scrutator Jaren Shaw to bring the documents to the Northern Crusades.  They take the documents and begin to head North through the interior.

About the Protectorate Interior:

  • Very, very dry and desolate
  • Imer is the Capitol, not Sul
  • Some of the worst land in the entire Western Immoren
  • There are Idrian townships along the river
    • Many Idrians practice some of the old ways, as well as worshipping Menoth
    • Idrians outside the Protectorate still practice the old ways primarily
  • The Protectorate has a very low population density, but still has urban centers
  • Travel is difficult
    • There are lots of checkpoints
    • Monks may ask prying questions, and papers may be necessary
    • Pilgrims get lots more freedom, but if you are posing as one, don’t get caught lying!

The mercenary band makes it to Sul to start the next leg of their journey.  Since they are there on legitimate business, they have the appropriate paperwork and can answer the appropriate questions to make it through the interior.

About Sul:

  • Separated by the river from Caspia; originally they were one city
  • There are bridges crossing the river, and checkpoints along the bridge, but (limited) trade does occur between the two, as well as mercenary groups traveling from one job to another
  • The walls of Caspia/Sul are legendary, and considered sacred relics of the Menite faith
    • The walls also line the river
    • They are large enough to have entire communities within the walls themselves
    • They have only ever been breached once, during the last fighting between the Protectorate and Cygnar, although some would argue that since it was coming from within the city, the walls continue to remain inviolate
  • Sul is clean and sterile
    • Very little crime
    • Lots of patrols and armed troops
    • Curfews
    • Many great Menite temples
    • Paladin and Bastian presence as well

The mercenary band makes the crossing without incident (probably with forged papers?) and then continue on the next leg of their journey.

On Friday, I will discuss Caspia/Cygnar, and everything that happens during that leg of their trip.  Hope to see you all then!


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