Touring the Iron Kingdoms – Introduction

This was a seminar headed up by Doug Seacat and Simon Berman.  I sat in on the 11:00 AM seminar on the first of June (Saturday).

This seminar was really interesting.  Seacat and Berman focused on the setting here, and did it by following a band of mercenaries as they travelled along and attempted to complete a job.  In the process, they discussed the different areas and information, along with the different lifestyles, what you might see there, etc.

It was interesting, amusing and enjoyable.  As I have said in the past – if you get a chance to listen to Doug Seacat speak, jump on it.  I will amend that after this session to say if you get a chance to see Simon Berman speak as well, jump on it.  Both of them?  You would be silly to pass it up!

Since this was packed FULL of information, I have decided to break it up into different sections for each region discussed.

  • Protectorate of Menoth
  • Cygnar
  • Divided Llael
  • Khador
  • Ord

I will be doing a country a day for the next two weeks on a MWF schedule.  Protectorate of Menoth will be the first on the list, starting on Wednesday.


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