My First Taste of General Adept Nemo

I had focused almost exclusively on Trollbloods in preparations for Lock & Load so recently I’ve been delving back into Cygnar. Tonight I wanted to start with some short and sweet battle reports from my newest caster – General Adept Nemo!

My 50 pt list:

eNemo +6
Thunderhead 12
Centurion 9
Lancer 6
Squire 2
Runewood 3
Journeyman Warcaster 3
Charger 4
Stormguard 9
Strangeways 2
(x2)Stormsmith Stormcaller 1
Black 13th 4

I am coming from Trolls and one of my favorite warcasters is eDoomshaper so eNemo just seemed like a good fit. And his focus matrix makes it an easier transition to Warmachine from Hordes.

Game 1 vs Dwarves Scenario Outflank

General Ossrum
3 Grundback Gunners
Grundback Blaster
Tactical Arcanist Corps
Long Gunners
Hammerfall high Shield Gun Corps
Rhupert Carvalo
(I think that was everything but might have missed something because of how quick the game was over)

I go first:
Turn 1:
Put Arcane shield on Stormguard and Failsafe on the Thunderhead. Everything pretty much runs. I forgot to allocate focus so hurray for focus matrix!
He moves forward(gets advance deploy for solos because of high born contract) promptly removes arcane shield from the stormguard with Eiryss. I realize that upkeeps might be a chore in this one. Prontos the avalancher and hides Thor behind a wall. The avalancher fires a hailmary shot at my army in the trees and misses. Does no damage. The rest of his army moves towards his left zone and prepares to unleash CRA hell upon me.

Turn 2:
Upkeep Failsafe. Forget to get focus off of the Squire. So I know I need to get rid of Thor to neutralize the avalancher(or at least make him less effective) so I load my charger up and manage a lucky shot to kill him behind the wall. Thank you powerful attack! I need to kill of Eiryss so I move a Stormcaller forward to fry her. Under eNemo’s Elite Cadre I’m feeling pretty good needing a 9 to hit her and a pow 12 damage roll. Roll an 11 on the skill check. So I then need to move Lynch forward to kill her with a brutal shot. Luckily I manage to take her out but the rest of them are out of range. I move most of the stormguard into my right zone to provide some cover for my jacks. Nemo goes and energizes the jacks forward to make sure Thunderhead is in range of the infantry, drops 3 on TH. Then because I don’t want to get CRA’d to death I move over into some trees on the left side of the map. This proves to be my fatal mistake. The TH moves forward and fries a couple high shields and an arcanist. Centurion moves forward and does PS.

So my opponent promptly puts 1 focus on each of his gunbunnies. Walks them forward and with powerful attack(damn you powerful attack!) hits 2 out of the 3 of them and bye bye Nemo.

Thoughts: I could have easily kept a lot more focus on Nemo and I could have moved him behind the trees but I was so worried about the CRA units(who could possibly take 2 shots a piece with a minifeat and long gunner awesomeness) that I completely forgot about the awesome Dwarven light jacks.

Game 2 vs Cryx Scenario Supply and Demand

Two bonejacks
Satyxis Blood Witches
Satyxis Raider Captain
Bane Thralls
Bane Thrall Officer and Standard
Bane Lord Tararus
Winthershadow Combine

My opponent and I whittled each other down pretty good until I was left with a Centurion holding the center with PS up and eNemo hiding behind a forest from Asphyxious thinking I was pretty safe. None of my models were in his range or LOS so I’m thinking I play the waiting game and finish cleaning out his forces in the center zone and win by scenario or draw big A in. My opponent shocks me by charging his last jack to get within 6 inches of eNemo and pops his feat. 1 Tartarus and 1 Raider Captain shot later, Nemo is pushing up daisies.

Thoughts: If you are playing eAsphyxious and you have a caster with Polarity Shield, it should be on something every single turn. Your caster if nothing else. If I had I probably could have kept the zone just between Nemo, the Cent, and the Lancer I had left and it would have been very hard for Asphyxious to do anything about it. My opponent utilized an avenue of attack that I didn’t anticipate and capitalized and I’m grateful for the lesson learned.

Game 3 vs Khador Scenario Supply and Demand

Iron Fang Pikemen
Iron Fang Kovnik
Man-O-War Shocktroopers
Battle Carriage
Sylys Wyshnalyrr

By the fifth turn things were looking pretty bleak for me. I was left with a heavily damage TH engaged by two Shocktroopers and a IF. My lancer had almost been destroyed by the conquest who was contesting and closing in on Nemo. The charger was left but in a bad position to provide assistance. I had nothing left but a desperate hailmary.

I should preface this turn by saying my opponent had accidently moved forward to hide behind a piece of terrain that looked like it would provide cover but we had determined was merely a hill before the game.

With my forces dwindling I knew I had to put a hurting on Irusk from what few ranged options I had left. I dropped 3 focus on the Charger from my journeyman but because of the angles couldn’t get a shot on Irusk so I decided to try to get TH loose. I manage to kill the pikeman but he rolled tough, at least he wasn’t engaging, and do absolutely nothing to the Shocktrooper. Arm 21 in shield wall is hard to deal with. I activate nemo and drop 3 focus on TH along with Failsafe and take a shot at Irusk needing a 10 to hit. Boost and roll a 6. Well that’s no good. The TH moves away from the Shocktroopers but stays within 6″ of Irusk. I take my licks from the troopers but he’s still standing. I pulse and hit Irusk at dice minus 3. Time to start doing some damage. Roll and …. a 1 and a two. Well crap, at least I still have 2 more auto-hitting attacks with 1 boosted at dice minus 1. First roll I boost and … 1, 4, 3. 7 damage leaving Irusk at 10. I feel that the dice gods just do not want me to get a win tonight. I take my last attack and roll a 6,5 doing just enough to kill him after he fails his tough check. Whew!!

Final thoughts:
1. I’m too used to the security of fury transfers. I need to start planning on either hiding my caster or keeping focus on him to mitigate random damage.
2. I LOVE eNEMO! He is so much fun and lightning is one of the reasons I got into Cygnar and he brings it in spades!
3. Elite Cadre Stormcallers are awesome for dealing with pesky stealth solos and “hidden” targets.
4. Stormguard might not be an elite front line unit but I love them. I love reach and set defence can come in really handy. Plus you can pulse from TH and not worry about hurting them.
5. eAsphyxious is really, really good in a great players hand. He isn’t broken but you have to constantly be on your toes and you have to analyze every possible threat.
6. Gun bunnies are awesome!
7. Irusk combined with the Iron Fang Kovnik is a wicked combination. I wonder how long it will be before we see multiple units running around.
8. Missing charges on a conquest needing anything but double 1’s with a lightning shrouded Centurion is no bueno!

I plan on having more detailed reports in the future but for my first try I wanted to get all 3 in and wanted to just get my feet wet!


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