Thoughts on Lock & Load 2013

It has taken a while for the excitement and exhaustion of Lock & Load 2013 to wear off, but now that it has, I would like to throw up a few thoughts.

1) This year L&L was four days for me, since I attended the Press Ganger Invitational.  I found out the hard way that four continuous days of Warmachine is a little much, even for a zealot like myself.  Last year’s three days seems to be about perfect for continuous Warmachine, as far as I am concerned.  Next year, I think I will stick to that.  The Press Ganger Invitational was a good concept, but I was disappointed that my primary goal, to play a Privateer Press staff member, came no where near happening.  I think that is something I may have to give up on.

2) Hardcore is definitely the format for me.  While I watched my fellow players plan and tweak three lists for Masters, I was happy to refine my one Epic Severius list.  I also liked playing all painted armies, and Hardcore’s fast play style suits my perfectly.  In the end, I went 3-1, and came extremely close to capturing Mage Hunter.  In my three wins, my Mage Hunter scores were 0, 7, and 7.  I was really pleased with my performance in what was my first solo tournament outside our local meta.  It definitely made me feel like I can hold my own with the best players in the country.

3) The announcements and news was pretty exciting stuff; I am certainly excited to see Reznik in his flaming chariot, and the Rhulic colossal was perfectly announced, as I just bought 100 points of Dwarves that day.  However, I was again reminded how much I prefer it when PiP focuses less on their ‘favorite’ characters and more on the newer ones.  While the Reznik news was exciting, I remain less than enthralled with double epic Butcher and Stryker, among others.  I understand that many players love these tried and true characters, but I would much rather seen an epic incarnation of Zerkova than yet another Butcher.  I guess it is just my personal preference for the less popular characters.

4) I am a terrible painter.  Okay, so I don’t quite think that is true, but checking out the amazing paint jobs certainly reminded me how far my standards have fallen as I rushed to get all my Protectorate painted up for the convention.  I am glad that I have a pile of unpainted Dwarves to tackle with a renewed enthusiasm on quality painting.  I am now dedicated to upping my painting game, and the first step is getting in some serious practice with two brush blending.  Gorten is already underway on my painting table, and I am super excited with the progress so far.  My thanks to all the amazing paint jobs at Lock & Load for getting me inspired.

5) I am very impressed with the quality of the players in the Bozeman meta.  It would have been quite understandable if I went to Seattle and got thumped in tournaments and Iron Arena, but for the second year in a row I did quite well.  In fact, most of the Bozeman players did pretty well, and we were rarely caught off guard by anything we saw our collective opponents do.  This reinforces what I already believed, that we have a strong, healthy, competitive group of players in our city.  Congrats to you, Bozeman crowd, for being a great bunch of players.  I am proud to call this my Warmachine home.

Well, that is Lock & load 2013 in a nutshell; at least the high points for me.  Now, time to get planning for next year.


2 responses to “Thoughts on Lock & Load 2013

  1. Got to give you props for rocking one of my favorite casters in hardcore. Think I may have been the one to introduce epic sevy onto our meta way back in the day…

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