Machinations: Anomaly Final Standings

Well it was a great league running us up to Lock and Load, but Anomaly has finally wrapped up.  Here are the final standings:

  1. Jason (Legion) 78pts
  2. Chuck( Circle) 60pts
  3. Zach (Cryx) 44pts
  4. Jamal  (Khado)r 42pts
  5. Kyle (Khador) 40pts
  6. Jeremy (Cryx) 34pts
  7. Aaron (Trollbloods) 32pts
  8. Blake (Ret) 28pts
  9. Andrew (Skorne) 25pts
  10. Greg (Minions) 25pts
  11. Seth( Trollbloods) 23pts
  12. Dan (Circle) 21pts
  13. Mat (Protectorate) 11pts
  14. Mike (Cygnar) 6pts

While Jason took the early lead and never looked back, Chuck poured on the painting late to come closer than anyone else to first place.  Congratulations for everybody on a great league.  I am out of town for Lock n Load this week, but we will do awards the following Wednesday.

Thanks everybody!


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