Machinations: Anomaly Standings

So we are a little over a week into the newest league from Privateer Press, and we already have a great race for the top spot:

  1. Jason – Legion 36pts
  2. Zach – Cryx 27pts
  3. Jeremy – Cryx 23pts
  4. Andrew – Skorne 22pts
  5. Kyle – Khador 20pts
  6. Blake – Ret 19pts
  7. Aaron – Trollbloods 17pts
  8. Dan – Circle 16pts
  9. Greg – Minions 12pts
  10. Jamal – Khador 11pts
  11. Chuck – Circle 10pts
  12. Seth – Trollbloods 7pts
  13. Mike – Cygnar 6pts
  14. Mat – Protectorate 6pts

Keep those games coming guys!  See you at Rooks.


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