My Favorite Assassination Ever

I have had many enjoyable turn of events in my time playing Warmachine, but I think last night may take the cake in terms of my favorite win of all time.  I was playing a Gaspy3 list against his Mercenaries; I was trying out the tier list packed with souls:

  • Gaspy3
  • Kraken
  • Malice
  • Cankerworm
  • 10 McThralls
  • Necrosurgeon & stich thralls
  • 2x pistol wraith
  • Withershadow Combine
  • 2 free necrotechs and scrap thralls
  • Warwitch siren
  • machine wraith

The tier gave me 3 free corpse soul tokens, which I put on the Kraken and both pistol wraiths.  I also got +2 inches of deployment and the free necrotechs.  My opponent was running a galleon and blobs of pirates…

The game went predictably:  the Malice/Withershadow combo made me two free bonejacks, the McThralls were chewed to bits by endless pirate attacks, 1 pistol wraith did squat will the other death chilled galleon.  The endgame neared when I sent my Kraken to kill Bart during his feat turn.  Thankfully the colossal was immune to knockdown, but due to the -3 to hit (plus the wall Bart hid behind) I fell about 4 damage short of killing him.

My opponent used the next turn to finish the kraken off with the galleon – and moved way ahead on scenario points.  When he handed the turn back to me, Bart was across the table from pretty much everything, behind that wall again.  At first, I could see no way to put the last four damage on him at all.

Until I remembered how awesome the Cankerworm is.  I started by allocating him 3 focus.  Then I had Gaspy go and cast mobility to give the worm +2 inches of speed.  Next, the withershadow combine moved near the galleon and used disbinding to put 2 more points of damage on Bart from 20+ inches away.  Finally, the Cankerworm walked away from the 4 pirates engaging him (go parry!), walked across the kraken’s wreck to B2B, spent one focus to adapt the Doom Driver, and then fired the newly acquired weapon against Bart, who now had no wall intervening.  The boosted attack and damage rolls sent the pirate to his maker.  I can just imagine the pirate’s thoughts as he watched the worm slither over the gigantic wreckage, pluck up the insanely long weapon, and lob a shot off at him with it.  Priceless.

Even my opponent had to applaud the originality of this assassination.  Adapt is one of those abilities I rarely get to use to any meaningful effect, but in this case, it was literally the only thing that won me that game.  Just another example of what keeps me playing.


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