Machinations: Umbra

So, the new series of Privateer Press leagues is about to get underway.  Machinations: Umbra starts at Rooks this coming Monday, February 25th, and will run for four weeks.  As we have made some league rule alterations in the past, I wanted to capture the changes I am making here now:

The full Machinations rules, along with the Umbra rules, and league cards, can be found on our events page.

  • League entrance fee will be $10
  • You can record up to five games per week
  • You can record games against non-league participants
  • You can play either the league versions of a model or the base version of a model in any league game.  You cannot play both in the same game, and you must inform your opponent which version you are using before deployment.
  • I will be interested to hear everyone’s take on the new painting scoring and other league changes.  Please bring any questions/comments about the league setup to me.

Happy gaming!



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