Thoughts on Cyriss

If you have been living under a rock for the past few weeks, you may have missed the big news from Templecon: Privateer Press is releasing a new faction; the Convergence of Criss. The new faction will initially release at this years’s Lock & Load, and will start with 5 warcasters, 5 units, several jacks, and a battle engine.

There are a lot of opinions floating around the Internet, especially on PiP’s forums, about this move, and I wanted to take a minute to comment on a few things.

  • I think this is really great news.  I know some people are disappointed, but I am really excited.  I think there is room in the game for a new faction, and going for something that has played a role in the fluff before excites players like me.  Whether or not I play them (and the jury is still out on that one), I am excited to see them in my games.
  • I don’t think Retribution is getting the screw job, as has been alleged.  While they technically have less options than the other Warmachine factions, their options are very versatile, and we always knew they would lag behind since the released so long after the ‘big four’.  Cyriss will not overtake Retribution.  Just as Ret has always lagged behind the other factions, so will Cyriss lag behind Ret.
  • I also don’t think that PiP obligated to keep the number of Hordes and Warmachines factions balanced.  It is their world, and they can augment it as they deem necessary.  I think anyone who complains that Hordes is falling behind is, just lie the bullet point above, actually just complaining.
  • Vectors (Cyriss Warjacks) are really amazing looking models.  I am all for the artistic style and the virtually all metal construction.  I really think the aesthetic is different and adds a new flair to the table.

I am very excited to get a look at full abilities and stats.  Since I am going to Lock & Load this year, I should be able to check these guys out early (I am going for Press Ganger day).  As of now, I don’t plan on picking them up, as I have found I start to get unhappy with four factions; I can’t play them enough.  However, I am very jazzed to face some Cyriss models at Lock & Load and to hear how everyone reacts to them.  All in all, I am quite pleased with this announcement, and it just has me more excited to play the game I enjoy so much.


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