Personal Kudos

We are lucky to have a great meta with a lot of terrific players, but I want to personally point out Seth.  I have played Seth many times, often in key games (he was my opponent in the Bodger Bowl finale last time).  Last night I played him again, in the divisional game for our division, with the winner moving on to the conference championship.  Seth and I effectively had a rematch from week four of the regular season this year; I was again running Epic Severius, and he again brought epic Doomshaper.

And although I prevailed this game, it really reminded me how tenacious and talented a player Seth is.  He always makes the games grueling and hard.  At the end of our week 4 game, I had 2 minutes on my death clock and he assassinated me as time expired on his.  Last night Severius got revenge, but I know any game with Seth will test all my abilities, and I really wanted to point that out to everyone.  Great game Seth, and thanks for all the challenges you have thrown my way.


3 responses to “Personal Kudos

  1. And I always know that when I play you that I will see the entire library of what is available to my opponents faction. I pity the fools that lie before you in this tournament!

    PS. I think we need to go best 2 out of 3 with Sevvy and Doomie!

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