Upcoming ‘Not So Hardcore’ Tournament

Hey all,

On Sunday January 20th, I  will be running the first ‘Hardcore’ tournament we have had at Rooks as far as I know.  But, in order to help people acclimate to this format, I am going for a ‘not so’ Hardcore format.  What does that mean?  Relaxed timing and relaxed painting requirements. Here are the full details

  • 5o pts
  • 2013 Hardcore rules (slightly modified)
  • single list only
  • relaxed timing
  • Entry fee: $10
  • Awards are given per ‘Hardcore’ specifications:
  • Vanquisher: Overall winner
  • Executioner: Most enemy army pts destroyed total
  • Mage Hunter: Assassination with the least destroyed enemy army
  • Master Craftsman: Best painted models (whole army doesn’t need to be painted for this one)

So instead of awards for top three (which we normally do), this tourney will award the four prizes listed above.  You do not need a fully painted army to compete for Master Craftsman; I will judge the painted models in the list you bring and just ignore the unpainted models.  Feel free to post a message with any comments you have or questions here.

See you all on the 20th!


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