New Year, New Ideas (or Problems…)

The new year (as calculated by the Gregorian Calendar) is upon us, and here in the United States (as well as most of the “Western” world, I would imagine) it is often punctuated by random resolutions and self-made promises to do better.

While I generally laud and promote the idea of self-betterment, I find a focused day to do it to kind of defeat the purpose.  The common joke of the unused purchased Gym membership has a strong basis of reality.  That said, I have some things I want to do better this year, and some of them are related to gaming (and this blog).  So I figured I would post them here for my eventual humiliation.

  1. Post to Sustained Attack once a week
    This is probably going to be one of the trickier ones for me to keep.  My schedule is insanely unpredictable at times, and that is why much of the posting has gone dry in recent months.  However, I like having the forum to collect my thoughts, and if others find that useful, even better.  My plan is to have a new post every Monday of this year, starting this next Monday.
  2. Finish my game tracking app
    As readers of the forum know, I am working on an iOS app for tracking games of Warmachine/Hordes.  This has been stalled the last few weeks because of holiday craziness, but I really want the app to be created so I can start to track my games.  Time to get cracking!
  3. Analyze Losses and Wins
    This is a problem for me sometimes.  I am pretty good about analyzing my losses, but not as good as analyzing my wins.  I mean, I won, right?  What more is there to analyze?  Of course, that is a mistaken idea, and something I hope to expand on in a future post (already generating ideas for #1!)
  4. Don’t get into an opponent rut
    One of the biggest challenges for people playing a game is to not keep playing the exact same opponents over and over again.  This is a problem in any game, and I have been known to sometimes focus on only playing the same people (whether because I like them personally, enjoy games with them, or find them easy to play against).  I want to keep my games fresh and my perspective constantly shifting, which requires playing lots of different people.

Those are the “resolutions” I am attempting to work on for my Warmachine and Hordes gameplay this year.  Anyone else have resolutions they are making for gaming?  Any other focuses this year?


3 responses to “New Year, New Ideas (or Problems…)

  1. To paint more! I have gotten into a paint slump lately and can’t seem to get to my paint bench like i should. Also to master RET for the next few months. I have been really missing my Protectorate , but feel i still have so much more to learn from Ret. Till i see the next book Ret is going to stay my main.

    My secret one is to try to get the wife to come with or let me go to a con this year, wish me luck with that…lol, I will need it!

  2. I have also made a painting resolution. My resolution is to paint at least 2 models a week. I have started a spread sheet to track my progress this year and see how well I do with it. So far I am off to a good start, i have painted my Reinholt and Sylus, and started Lord Rockbottom.

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